Now Reading: Volume 6! フルーツバスケット・Fruits Basket 🍏 🍇 🍑 🍒 🍐 🍊 (Beginner Book Club)

I believe so, yep :slight_smile: I don’t know if there are any small anomalies though.

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I have the ebooks up until volume 5 (so 2,5 worth of collectors edition, I guess?) and would read those anyway, so I’ll be around for that time at least :basket:

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I’m in, a chapter a week of Fruits Basket has been really nice and not overly challenging or too simple for me. Personally I lean towards a longer break to make sure I’m up to date on all the clubs, but I’m easy!

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This week we will either finish the first book (for those reading the old edition), or we will finish the first half (for the Collector’s Edition readers) :tada:
Now that you’ve managed to stick with the book until now, the rest will be a piece of cake :cake:


I like when the series book clubs have a small break between volumes, to help people catch up.
Yotsuba has sometimes just stoped, untill any one person asked to start the next one.

Might be best to plan for about 1 week between each old volume. Just to help people catch up :slight_smile:
But we could try go for planed breakes, to avoid longer waits.

If the majority wants no breaks I’m not against that either. When I fall behind I usually end up reading a volume in a sitting, so I know the break don’t make a difference for me since I don’t spread it out anyway, just need one good day or two (I just caught up on 4 book clubs fallen about a month behind, took me three days)


I have not been part of many series book clubs yet, and so far I’ve seen a very mixed approach on taking breaks. E.g. for Flying Witch, going from volume 1 to 2 there was a long break (two months or something?), for the next volume there was a short break (one or two weeks) and now we proceed without breaks between the volumes. But there is a poll each time, because the situation might change for the interested people, and that’s what I’m planning to do here as well. Let’s see in a few days what the majority thinks.

@darkness_rising You don’t want to continue, but you want to start reading after a 4-week-break? Would you mind explaining this unusual combination? :thinking:
(In case you misclicked on the second poll and you couldn’t get rid of your vote, could you please change it to “Even later” so that I can better see the results of those who want to continue reading? Thx!)


Hello everyone! A lot of things happen and I’m basically moving to the Netherlands so I’ve been slacking with the Japanese a bit because I’m learning Dutch now. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I’m not following on a weekly basis and just wanted to wish everyone good luck! <3


Been there =P
I feel behind all my clubs when I did some remodelling last year. I managed to catch back up to some of them, but not all (Sorry Aria! D= )


I’m chiming in as well with saying that I’m lagging behind x’D A lot of life stuff has been going on that’s been screwing with my schedules. I hope to catch up when I can. Until then, best of luck to everyone :slight_smile:

As an aside, I wouldn’t mind a continuing book club for FB, but at the moment, it’d be hard for me to see when I’ll be able to participate. ;;


Would you be ok with starting volume 2 after a week’s break? That’s what almost everybody voted for, so I’m leaning towards that option…





Then it’s decided, we will start our offshoot book club with Volume 2 (Collector’s Edition; equivalent to Vol. 3+4 of the old edition) on September 26th :tada:

I will later add some information to the OP. As long as the weekly participation in discussions is sufficient, I plan to stick with one thread per week. If activity dies down over time, I am thinking of switching to one thread per volume, with weekly marker posts to indicate where we’re at.


You made it until here - that means we’re already halfway there :tada:

Let’s tackle the other half with even more energy:

EDIT: As promised, I’ve added some information for the offshoot club to the OP. If somebody who owns the physical old edition and somebody who owns the Collector’s Edition could be so kind and double-check my page numbers (for the former) and tell me the page numbers (for the latter), that would be amazing! Thank youuuu :bowing_woman:


I bought volumes 1 & 2 together so I’m glad there’ll be an offshoot club! I’ll keep reading at least until the end of volume 2.

Here are the page numbers for the Collector’s ed:


Thanks a lot! I’ll put them in the OP tomorrow.

I was thinking it might make sense to be a little more targeted about our voting, so…

Just in case anybody isn’t aware, the Beginner Book Club are currently voting on our next pick, to follow on from this one! If you’re interested in taking part, make sure you vote:


What bizarre occurrence will happen this week? Don’t forget to stay tuned at:


Chapter 9 is waiting for you! Will we see another new character this time around?!?


On to chapter 10 :slight_smile: Looks like we will finish this book in no time…

By the way it would be lovely if somebody could post something random here during the week because otherwise I cannot announce next week’s reading :scream: :rofl: