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Hello. I’ve just got seventy five items right on a review, turning them into guru, but no new lessons were available after that. I’ve checked, and for the radicals and kanji I’ve learned, there should be new kanji and vocabullary available at the same level. Besides, the “Next Review” counter is not resetting, it keeps saying “Available Now”, though there’s none, and when I go to the reviews summary, it tells me about the review I did before those seventy five. So, I bet it’s all related? Oh, by the way, I haven’t done the lessons that turned available after the review I did before the seventy five items review, so is the system prohibitting me from getting to the new lessons without having gone through the ones I already have available? That doesn’t make sense, right? Anyway, please help me!

I just encountered this error myself. My problem is exactly as you have described. I was going to post a thread but checked to see if anyone else had the issue first and found this one.

Man, I was just about to make this report. I had the same issue, and a few minutes later, it started giving me reviews again? The ones I just completed??? And weirdly, they’re tricking in every few seconds/minutes, like it’ll give me 7, and then a second later it adds 10 more, and then two seconds later it adds another 8?

Kinda annoyed because I just cleared 150+ reviews and most of them were guruing my current level’s items… I was expecting a pile of lessons :confused:

Edit: I’m refreshing constantly and now my reviews pile is fluctuating up and down. 18 to 17 to 20 to 19…
Edit 2: It seems to be going up steadily now, but at a much slower pace. – I lied it went back down. ??? Should we just… not touch anything until the problem is fixed?
Edit 3: It’s going kinda slow, but I can see the number of lessons increasing and my reviews decreasing (while increasing, if that makes sense)… Right now I’m sitting at 25 lessons and 42 reviews and the ultimate timeline now says I have a little over 40 reviews. About a minute ago it said I had a little under 100 reviews.
Edit 4: Well okay! I’m now at 0 reviews and 42 lessons. I guess it resolved itself… but that took way too long.

I also had the same thing just now: completed a bunch of reviews,and I just got the same in batches of 2-3… :thinking:

I thought it was something I did, but it seems it’s something more serious.

Yep same here too. Did a bunch of reviews, and got some radicals up to guru. Returned to the dashboard (after “wrapping up”), but no lessons available and no progress visible, as if I hadn’t done the reviews at all… something’s up.
The radical items I’d guru’d show “Next review: available now”, but the review pile looks to be the amount I’d left after wrapping up, not the 100+ I started with. Guess I’ll finish them, and see what happens…
edit: actually my review pile’s getting bigger - just went from 74 to 84

From the looks of it, it might resolve itself if you give it some time, but it takes quite a while.

It’s been almost 15 mins now, still no lessons…so I’ve just started going through my left over reviews. Some of the items I had guru’d earlier have come up again.
eta: ah yeah, you’re right - 2 lessons turned up finally. So somethings happening, at least. Wow that’s quite the delay.

I was just about to thank you for sharing that much information til I read your most recent edit and refreshed my dashboard again. Everything was back to normal: I’ve got all my lessons, my reviews summary updated and I won’t have any reviews for another hour. xD
I guess it does resolve itself! I But it’s still weird that everyone’s been through that at the same time?

Then I guess it takes around 20 or 30 minutes for lessons to show up.

Maybe a glitch in the matrix-- I’m guessing Viet and the dev team are working hard to fix things and a new error popped up momentarily?

I just cleared my lessons and while they’re definitely gone I see that they aren’t popping up on the ultimate timeline as a new review in the next 4 hours…

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Well, seems like it resolved itself. My reviews went back down to 0, my radical and kanji completion updated and it looks like I have all my lessons now.

Yeah… same problem here. Guru’d a lot of stuff, etc. Kind of a shame; I was looking forward to the lessons. My progress bars for radicals and kanji didn’t update either ;-;
time to play the waiting game

EDIT: just mastered some stuff but my progress didn’t show up
o great crabigator, 一体 is going on?!


So, I just finished my outstanding reviews. Certain items kept popping up for a second time, it was really weird. Now I just have to wait 30mins for the rest of the lessons to appear, I guess.

Ulp - no such luck. A lot of the items I just cleared have just been dumped back onto my review queue. gah…

same issue here - did about 75 review, review count went to zero but none of the progress was recorded, waited a bit and they showed back up in the queue but still don’t seem to be recording progress… pretty frustrating

Maybe @viet knows more about this, and can tell us if we are crazy?
I’m still seeing some craziness on my side…

You guys better not touch any more reviews, if you didn’t get any progress after the last batch. They will disappear for themselves, for what I’ve noticed. Don’t keep doing them over and over again, that may confuse the system (though it seems to be already confused…).

Our background worker queue balloon this morning. We are looking into it, but I have ramped up resources and it’ll be cleared out in a sec. This is the reason why reviews and lessons are “reappearing”; they just havent been processed yet :confused:

Everyone can go back and do their review safely when this is done clearing


Thanks viet!

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The background job queue is cleared. It is safe now.