Self-resurrecting items!?

Yep, same. Finally got my motivation back after like two months of being bombarded with school shit, thought hey, gonna go ham on Wanikani for the next three months, then this happens. Really hoping they fix this, because it really drained my enthusiasm.

I just completed a whole batch of reviews and they all popped right back up in my review queue, including the ones I just burned…


I’m noticing some weird behavior too… I hope there isn’t significant corruption… ;_; The API is giving really wrong information.

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Just want to say something, this only happens to items that are guru or more to me, and they did go away after I did them again. Is it the same for other people? If yes this could be important info for fixing this.

Nope. It just happened to my L20 apprentice items as well.

I noted this in another thread but the reviews will go away and resolve itself if you give it some time. Say, about 20 or so minutes.

It happens to all items of all levels to me, including apprentice ones (which sucks cos then it hinders leveling up).

I did some of the extra reviews though as extra practice :joy: then i had to go to an appointment, and after coming back, it seems to have calmed down for me. I guess like @skycompass said, give it time.

Assuming the app I’m using is correct, the API says I have 0 reviews, but the timeline still says 18, which I just completed five minutes ago.

Just had a kanji item come back up after I reviewed it earlier.

I did about 180 reviews just now, and over the past few minutes it’s gone from 20 and now 47 new reviews. (And while I was typing this it just increased to 76.)

My Reviews Summary also shows a previous review session, not the one I just completed.

Over the past few days I’ve noticed issues like this. Sometimes the Review Summary doesn’t load (skeleton of the page is there, but no items listed). Sometimes I lose connection midway through a review. Sometimes.

So yeah something is funky lately. Site isn’t keeping up with the reviews I’m completing.

(Now it’s 85, btw.)

I just had the same thing happen… had a thing of 60 and had to go through them in batches of 8 afterwards… which is what brought me to this post :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve experienced similar issue just now. The review I’ve just done show up again some how.

Same here, I did 200 reviews a while ago, and when I finished them, it showed me another 110. They were all reviews that I had just done.

Guess I’m not doing reviews today then.

Now that you mention it… happened to me too today. I lost connection today literally while typing the answer. Never happened before (except when I let it time out, which is normal).


Same thing happening to me as well, I hope it will be fixed soon!

Just my 2¢

Got on today and burned through 200+ reviews and when I finished had ~120 reviews. Thought oh well let’s go. Did those and thought it was odd that a lot of the same ones came up again but was in the just do it mode. It’s after that when I had ~90 reviews again that I ended up here.


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I’m noticing this as well. I did 120 reviews in one go in under and hour and 42+ just popped up, including some random apprentice kanji that I got right on the review I did like 30 minutes ago!

Would you guys suggest that I keep doing reviews or just go catch up on memrise instead until this is fixed? I wonder if it would be possible to break the SRS system and level up earlier using this? (which is probably a terrible idea).

I’m having the same issue. For me, it’s even weirder, since on the first go around it said I had guru’d 族, but on a subsequent review 5 minutes later, leveled up to Apprentice.

EDIT: Review counter just went up from 52 to 54. The Ultimate Timeline extension is telling me that I have 127 reviews, but I know for a fact that I just did them 10 minutes ago.