Lessons disappeared

Hello! I’m really new to the forums so I don’t know if this is the right way to go about this issue, but yesterday when I was doing my reviews I had 14 lessons available throughout the whole day, however when I woke up just now there were none in queue, and it says I haven’t unlocked them either in my vocab list even though I’m sure I have.

Can anyone help me with this? ;;

Hey, welcome!

Seems like you are level 4, perhaps you just leveled up and now that you have finished the first 3 levels, the rest is requiring a subscription?

Hi! I actually bought a subscription on Monday ^^
Everything was working fine until today, the lessons just disappeared from my queue all of a sudden ><

I see, that’s odd then. Unless you’re just misremembering something, then I think only the WaniKani team can help you here.

Just in case though, can I see a screenshot of your kanji progress? If you didn’t know, vocabulary gets unlocked when you guru a kanji, some are already unlocked the moment you level up, so perhaps you’ve already done those, because the ones already unlocked usually aren’t very much.

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I was aware of that, but the lessons I had unlocked with level 4 hadn’t changed much and I just had 14 new lessons to go today until I found out they had disappeared.
Unless there really was a bug and the system was not supposed to give me them?
I found it odd that it did that so late though if that were the case…

Wow, forgot how many radicals the beginning levels had.

If anything else, though, it might be a browser error, try loading WaniKani on a different browser, or turn off your user scripts if you have any. If that doesn’t fix it, then it seems it’s something to take up with the team, or you can potentially wait till you guru what you have and you will see if you have unlocked everything the level has to offer.

I tried everything, they just don’t seem to come up.
I guess I’ll wait to see if they come up after I finish my reviews today ^^
Thanks so much for your time and help!! :cherry_blossom: :sparkling_heart:


Even looking at it now I don’t really remember that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :camera:

What’s your Review Forecast?

Aren’t you simply waiting for Radicals or Kanji to hit Guru (full green bar)?

Yeah I am, but as I stated before, I’ve had those 14 lessons all day yesterday until I found out they were gone today :smiling_face_with_tear:

Your level indicator on your avatar is showing you’re a free user. Can you try logging out of WK and logging back in?

That’s weird… I did as you said and my settings in wanikani say that I have an active subscription but when I go to my profile settings on the community tab it says “level 4-free” under the flair tab :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Are you on PC or mobile? I would try opening a different browser and signing in to see if things look different.

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PC. I just tried signing into the forums on opera GX and the flair did indeed change to “level 4-paid”, I don’t know why it’s different on Chrome, but other than that my lessons still aren’t showing :frowning_face:

Show me what your level 3 items show as? The lessons that you are missing would be 2nd round of vocab from the previous level.

I completed all of them, I’m sure these were from level 4, but maybe the site bugged out and duplicated the ones I learnt beforehand? Not sure since I didn’t see from the list what those 14 were but that would make the most sense to me :confused:

From the pictures you’ve shown, you should be at 0 lessons. Can you screencap the lessons/reviews part at the top just to be sure? Otherwise, it sounds like the glitch was something that happened before, and it’s showing correctly now.

Yeah I think so too, it probably dupe’d my previous lessons and showed them in the queue even after I had learned them, I just didn’t think anything of it since I didn’t see the vocab list that day :sweat_smile: