Self-resurrecting items!?

I just finished over a 100 reviews and it seems none of them registered as the items view 0 times answered correct. Now they keep coming back slowly to the reviews (from 0 to now at 14, and the number keeps growing). The review summary also doesnt work. The items I answered correctly after resurrection didn’t register either.
I guess this would have been only a very minor inconvenience if I didn’t just put off going to sleep to do the reviews so they would be ready tomorrow for another review…

i’m stuck in an endless loop of reviews
7 items popped up (that I had already guru’d, mind you) and when I finished that batch, it took me to another batch of 5, then THAT took me to another batch of 5, then it took me to a batch of 30…

助けて! (Help!)

in addition to having to do current reviews over and over immediately after completing them …

when I came to write my first note I had 30-ish pending … when I got back to my dashboard, it went up to 50 …

just a few seconds ago, after coming here and back again, its now up to 65 … in less than 10 minutes and not across any half-hour review boundary’

update: there and back again … now its up to 67.

update: now its down to 64 ( I promise I did not do any)

I also see my “next hour” and “next day” totals moving up and down
as well as the quantities shown for apprentice/guru/master … etc changing on their own without my doing any reviews/lessons.

Mine went all the way up and and now they’re going back down again by themselves… Did 71… down to 50… they seem to be reversing the issue.

I haven’t had the reviews come back yet but I should have leveled up. It’s showing that I still have 48 reviews but I can’t actually do any of them.


So, I don’t know if this is connected to your update, but there’s been this weird orange man in the White House for the last few months and he keeps on saying crazy things. There don’t seem to have been so many external effects so far but, yeah, it’s pretty weird. Hoping if I just keep hitting refresh he’ll go away.


Totally agree with it killing enthusiasm, I’ve literally just gotten to the end of a queue of >2000 items after being off WK for a long time. If these issues last even a few days I’ll just have the same massive backlog again :cry:

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My review queue just zeroed out on refresh. Thanks for fixing!

Mine is completely back to 0 again. I only did the reviews once before finding this thread so I didn’t repeat like many others. They’ve cleared it up now so I have a 0 review queue now. Quiz results are now correctly.

My reviews went up and then right back down and now I’ve leveled up. Also, the timeline is showing no reviews anymore. Issue seems resolved on my end.

This slaughtered my enthusiasm. I woke up this morning and had 130 reviews. I went to work and was slowly doing 10 here, 10 there from my phone while running around. After 4 hours of this I finally got a chance to sit down and do them and the one’s I did just keep coming back. I just did 70 reviews… Finished and had 45 more reviews… Finished and had 34 more reviews… Finished again and had 8, haven’t bothered doing it in last 10 minutes and it’s back up to 30 again.

I don’t have time for this shit and it’s absolutely painful. I work in software development for a living. God forbid wanikani have actual test environments like any other piece of software rather than put their customers through this shit.

All fixed now. Thank you!

Someone get me a big tranquilizer gun. The Crabigator has lost it.

As someone who also deals with software, I think we both know that sometimes all the testing in the world doesn’t catch everything!

I can echo what others here have said: wait a while, and it’ll catch back up. I watched my queue crawl back up to ~180, but now it’s back down to 0 again. I’d recommend not doing any more reviews until you see it stabilize. Shouldn’t take too long.

Not even a ‘sorry we wasted your time’ ?


Seems back to normal. Just wondering, if I happened to repeat reviews for certain items, would the system ignore the duplicates? After a while I got some items right on the second or third try when I originally got them wrong…

And now for the questions that I have about this issue (mainly out of curiosity, but also slightly out of annoyance):

  1. IIRC, WaniKani was in beta for about a year or more (I know I joined a year before the site went out of beta), and this is the first time this has happened since I’ve been a subscriber. Why wasn’t this type of issue caught in the beta?

  2. Does this issue have something to do with the bigger changes that have happened to the site in the recent months? (Probably, but I’d like to know for certain)

If I understand correctly, your session was not lost but will process shortly (if it hasn’t already). I think you’ll be fine

Your review sessions aren’t lost. Our background queue was just bogged down. We have upped the resources and any backlogged entries have now been processed.

We do have an extensive testing environment, continuous integration and a pipeline (PR builds -> staging build --> production) before code touches production. Unfortunatelty this issue was due to a lack of resources and not a bug introduction.