So many new lessons

once you are near the end of the level and you see the kanji bar of how many you need to get to the next level, its a total mess.

i am not level 9, i now reach the end of level 9 and just about to start level 10. my worry is that the more new lessons i do, the more it will increase for no apparent reason. for example, i have 98 and as far as this message goes, its 8pm. how am i gonna get 98 lessons done (5 per cards - kanji, vocab, radicals) like come on. if i sit and do like 20 for one night, and get reviews the next day, then NEW LESSONS as i finish the reviews, thats gonna be super stress. i cant have each one stack one over the other…

any tips or what

Just wait to do the lessons until you’re comfortable with the review queue?


nah dude. i’m starting the review now. for example i’ll have 42 reviews by 8am tomorrow. so once that finish, maybe the lessons will pop more and get to like 100s of new lessons from the ones that i didnt even completed from the 98 new lessons which i have now

You don’t have to do lessons just because they’re available - in a traditional classroom where you’re given a textbook on the first day of class, would you feel obliged to read the whole thing that night, or would you pace yourself and read a section every night or so for the term of the course?


Lessons cannot spawn indefinitely. There is a limit to how many your active reviews can generate. Just handle the reviews and then do lessons when you’re okay with it.


That’s Guru :slight_smile:


Ah, okay… yeah, never mind then. Either way, there’s no reason to worry about lessons appearing out of nowhere.


Lessons unlocks are predictable:

You unlock new kanji when you get all the radicals that make up that kanji to Guru
You unlock new vocabulary when you get all the kanji that make up the vocabulary item to Guru

Once you get 90% of a level’s kanji to Guru, you get to go to the next level, which unlocks any radicals for that level, and any kanji and vocab items you already Gurud the radicals or kanji for respectively.

So if you don’t take lessons, after a while you won’t get any new ones either, as there will be no new material to get to Guru. Most people eventually just leave their lessons alone after they’ve done a set amount. If you keep doing all your lessons as they come up, you’ll just be hit by bigger and bigger waves of reviews. I’d recommend just picking a fixed amount of lessons per day and sticking to that, or limiting how many items you have in your apprentice stage, and not doing any lessons if that crosses a threshold.

It’s a lot easier to keep going if you keep it manageable. It’s easy to burn out when going at full speed.


if i only do the reviews and leave them alone. thats gonna be a problem. some of the days is like every 1 hour i get reviews. thats how they generate the time stamps. sometimes i wait like 2-5 hrs of the next reviews. and i dont understand the apprentice guru numbers. what does it mean by 535


It’s been a while since I did reviews, I mis-remembered the categories.

But if you don’t have many reviews to do, isn’t that the perfect time to do lessons? Are you worried in advance of something bad happening?

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so let say if i finish all the reviews the next day, hoping no new lessons, is that possible? do i have to do the new lessons to unlock the next level?

It’s possible new lessons will unlock in your next review batch, that’s always possible. But it won’t be a huge number. You will eventually have to do new lessons to get to the next level of course.

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It sounds like you don’t understand the fundamentals of how WK works - please read the link that seanblue provided above.


You may get lessons, depending on what items you reviewed. I don’t understand why it matters though. Just because you have lessons doesn’t mean you have to do them all this very moment. Relax, spread them out.

And please do read the FAQ page I posted above and related pages so you have a better understanding of the SRS and how items unlock.

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Are you worried in advance of something bad happening?

yea pretty much. i dont wanna go to the next level or keep doing WK if i get bunch of lessons thats 100+ like god damn

It’s not like you can have 800 lessons at once though. There is a limit based on the mechanics of WaniKani.

* Assuming you’re not using scripts to cheat, which I assume you’re not.

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then wahts the limit

Read the link


About 150 I’d guess, on average. It depends on your level. It’s not limited to a hard number, but based on the mechanics of the system. I’m not going to explain the mechanics in detail when you can read the above link to get a better explanation.