No new lessons

Thanks! Everything looks correct now.


Terrific, looks good here too. Thanks muchly!

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My problem seems related to this? (Maybe not)

I get reviews in sets of like 5-12 after waiting like 9-12~ hours for each. I don’t know if that’s how things are meant to go but… I find it a bit discouraging. If that’s how the reviews are programmed for my level then I am completely fine with it. It just feels broken. Is this normal? It’s happened every time since I did the 52~ lessons after going premium…

Edit: I don’t have any new lessons, and it feels like it’s because of so few chances to review. I’m new to SRS, so I’m not sure if that’s how the timed spacing is supposed to work. But like less than ten review after waiting 24hrs just seemed broken after getting 50+ lessons.

Edit 2: Just got the same review again. It was two words. Chuuko and Kyou. This is actually the third time I’ve gotten this review. It was only these two words after waiting nine hours+…

Edit 3: Okay, so I say something about it then get 40 new lessons. Seems legit.

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