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Does anyone know of any streams available for watching NHK news (or other Japanese news channels) outside of Japan? I don’t mind if it’s a paid OD type service either, as long as the price isn’t obscene. Just looking for something to watch in the mornings that would help my listening, but can’t find anything.


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A few places people on HiNative mentioned. Although I believe they all require you to be in Japan. Been meaning to get around to seeing if Tunnel Bear can make them work. (Don’t use Hola. That extension is garbage that basically makes you part of a botnet)

テレビ - Home
GYAO! | 無料動画 - 定額&見放題動画サービス

Thanks! I’ll try these.

Thanks! I do have a VPN subscription, although haven’t downloaded it to my new computer yet.

If you’re content with just listening, NHK News Radio is a podcast you can subscribe to like any other (no VPN required). Be prepared for it to overwhelm your feed though, lol.

Thanks. Yeah I also managed to find quite a few stations on TuneIn Radio (I really like Shounan Beach FM). Sometimes the speeds they speak at are pretty crazy though (although maybe a dedicated news radio would be a little slower and clearer). Still, good speed listening practice. Thanks for the info.

I started trying out iSakura and JapanTV. Both work on my FireTV stick, and JapanTV works on my iPhone as well. They’re both paid services, iSakura (basic plan) at $23 a month, and JapanTV at $25. However, JapanTV does have 5 free channels, some (if not all?) of which are NHK.

I’m currently doing the 3 day test from for $3 each, don’t know which one I’ll end up sticking with in the long run.

Hey, thanks for the info. Those sound promising.

Hmmm, I should try these out.

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It’s a good choice to improve Japanese listening via tv live app, I found it a little bit harder for Japanese-study beginners, but stick to some time, it is really useful. :slight_smile: