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Are there any podcasts on Itunes that are just coverage of a Japanese news broadcast?

Or are there any good Japanese podcasts to listen to, in general. I don’t want a podcast to learn Japanese. I just want one to listen to.

I have found two of them but neither are just general news. One is financial and the other seems to be about tech and gadgets.


Here is a whole thread about japanese podcasts id recommend you look at.

Theres also links in that thread to other reddit threads talking about japanese podcasts.

Edit: specially just search NHK on podcasts, they have Japanese news ones.

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Thanks a lot. I took a couple of suggestions away from that. I liked your post. :slight_smile:

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there is そこまで言うか. It is not the news, but they comment the news.

Thanks!! I’ll have to try those :smiley:

I like バイリンガルニュース. It’s not necessarily like a “daily news broadcast”, but they release a new episode every week and talk about current topics in the news. They both speak Japanese and English fluently so they’ll switch back and forth, which is cool.

There’s also ひいきびいき, which has hundreds of hours (260+ episodes) and is completely in Japanese. They post new episodes weekly as well.

I listen to NHK daily. I’m not proficient enough to understand what they’re talking about but I think it’s great for training the ear and identifying words, especially numbers, cities, prefectures, weather terms, etc.

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