Sakura radio

Searched on the forums but I couldn’t find any mention of this station so I’ve started a new thread - apologies if this has come up before.

I’ve found a radio station called Sakura Radio that broadcasts japanese language content from the US. I find radio really useful for language learning but I’m not able to stream NHK in the UK without going through a VPN. I’d previously found a few tiny local japanese stations through but because of the time difference, a lot of them are off air when I’m awake!

Also Sakura make podcasts of their shows available (I use the google podcast app and you can search for them on there) so I can listen on my commute! I’m currently N5/N4 level so the detail is going way over my head but I can usually figure out what a show is about and pick up odd sentences here and there, which is a start.

Sharing here in case this is helpful to anyone else.


You can also find streams from dozens of local Japanese FM stations at


Thanks, although the time difference is still the main issue though!

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Thanks for the sharing this recourse! I struggle with listening practice, it is hard for me to be interested in something I cant understand :confused: I will have to check this out

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