Japanese News

Recently I’ve been trying to watch a lot more news in Japanese. I also picked up a couple of text books:

news 2


The first textbook has short readings that introduce a bunch of vocab according to theme: economics, politics, society, science. It’s not bad to kind of thumb through. The other is audio based: short news clips again divided into theme. I try to shadow this and record myself at the same time.

It’s hard, although I am slowly getting used to some of the vocab. Anyone else like trying to figure out what’s going on? Anyone have any tips? I think it’s definitely above my current level, but it is nice to engage with slightly more adult topics.


I’ve been reading NHK easy news lately :slight_smile: I took a long time until I actually started reading, but I understand way more than I’d expected.

I bet the books you bought are a lot more difficult though. I think the one with audio will be awesome for shadowing!

Good luck!

In terms of grammar, I’m not sure how representative these text books are of real news. It seems getting used to a few “newsy” constructions, ことから for から and ので, めぐって for について, etc. really goes a long way. More of an issue is vocabulary, of course!

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