How to Stream Japanese News with Subtitles without a VPN or Anything Fancy

Every so often, I come back to this resource, and realize how useful it is, and also realize how much my listening has improved, and how useful this is.

Japan News network streams nationwide and local news stories constantly. They are nice little 30 second or 1 minute stories. You can click on them one at a time, or by categories, or just let them stream one after the other. The subtitles are not generally word-for-word but all of the substance of the article is there.

If your reading is not good enough to navigate a Japanese website, here is how it works.

This is the main TBS page. You can click on any of the articles to watch and read.
The little buttons are the text size. Big text is so nice when you are learning kanji!

If you would like to stream more articles, click here:

That brings you to this tab:

Click, and stories will stream away!

If you would like to watch news from other areas from around Japan, click the button for the map.
You will get this:

Click for regional stories down below. Some of these allow for streaming, and some do not.

What a resource, with no VPN!

This always works in the USA, but I don’t know where else it does or does not.


I you don’t mind it, I’d love to see a repost of this in the Listening Comprehension thread! ^>^ I’m sure people looking for ways to practice listening to real IRL stuff, would love to read about these instructions!


There’s also this channel on Twitch. It has weather/news and sometimes pictures of cats and virtual characters joining in, too.

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I wonder if it’s related, but actually TBS news are the only ones I’ve found that are actually broadcasted with CC’s. They include CC’s for what the anchorman / anchorman is saying.
I shared this with friends trying to get a hold on native material with Cc’s, but didn’t turn out to be the most exciting resource… No wonder … Been news after all :person_shrugging:t2:


Is there a setting for the CC? I don’t see any… Most of the dialogue is hardcoded, though, but usually not the anchorman.

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Maybe I should clarify. I meant the TBS NEWS channel. If available, the 字幕 button on your remote should do the trick.

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