Newbie here!

Just thought I’d say hello! I’m Delphine, and I’ve been doing WaniKani for just a little bit now. I adore it and it’s already a part of my daily routine - I just reached level 4 & got a yearlong subscription. So excited to be here!

I did have a question (and maybe this has been asked a million times, apologies as I may not have fully explored the boards enough to find an answer)… I haven’t gotten any new lessons in a few days now. I’ve been doing pretty well on reviews and don’t end up having many in my queue. I’m kinda chomping at the bit to get through more :stuck_out_tongue: How does the system know when I’m ready for the next batch of lessons, or is it a set number of days?

I totally understand how the SRS system works and that it’s easy to get overly ambitious at the beginning and then end up drowning later on. The only reason I’m asking is that, while I’m new to WaniKani, I’m not new to studying Japanese, so I wish I could bump things up a tiny bit upfront as I’m already familiar with all of these beginner kanji. Mostly I’m just trying to get a better understanding of how the site introduces new lessons.

Thank you so much!


Hello and welcome to the forums, Delphine!

The reason why you feel like you’re taking such a long time to level-up is that because levels 1-3 were the lightning rounds of WaniKani. I’m not as adept as the others in explaining the SRS intervals and such but may I introduce you to the wonderful world of KaniWani in the meantime?

Be sure check out the API and Third Party Apps section of the forum to enhance your SRS learning experience.

If you want to read up more on SRS, click on the Tofugu article here.


Thank you so much for the quick reply! How have I not heard of KaniWani?? This is wonderful, I appreciate it :smiley:


Oh also, check this out.:upside_down_face:
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Ohhh… I sure feel sheepish…

I knew I was probably not the only one, and yet must have searched the boards in all the wrong ways. Sorry to add to the list, that’s probably annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t worry about it. It’s pretty much a right of passage by now. Also:


Also, to answer this part of your question: you get new lessons when you Guru things.

Specifically, you unlock kanji as you Guru radicals, and vocab as you Guru kanji. You will unlock the next level when you get 90% of the level’s kanji to Guru.

In practice, this happens in batches, so a level normally looks like this:

  1. Unlock radicals, half the kanji and some vocab
  2. Guru radicals > unlock other half of the kanji
  3. Guru first batch of kanji > unlock more vocab
  4. Guru second batch of kanji > unlock remaining vocab and next level

I’d also recommend checking out the Guide and FAQ if you haven’t already :slight_smile:

Welcome! :crabigator:

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Super helpful!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Since another user mentioned the 3rd party apps, this is the one I would suggest for seeing a timeline specifically when the reviews will pop up again.

Like for example, mine is telling me I have to wait 2 more hours for reviews to come again. I guess I should get back to work in that time…


Oh that’s perfect!! Thanks so much :slight_smile: Everyone’s been so helpful!

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Hello, WaniKani community! Hope you all are doing fine.

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Welcome, Delphine!

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