Apparently I do not have a review for 6 days

How is this helpful to my learning?
Is there something I am missing on the site?

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Unless I’m severly mistaken, that should imply that everything is at least Guru, so there should be new lessons.


You should have a bunch of new lesons to do - hit the “Lessons” button.

Edit: @Ornantius Your understanding is correct.


First few levels are slow, while you’re building that review pile. Before long, you’ll be drowning.

Hi and welcome to WaniKani! Level 1 and 2 are frustratingly slow, but as soon as you hit 3 it will pick up and only get better from there. Stick with it!

(Yeah, but guys, not six-days slow. The normal spacing for Apprentice 4 to Guru 1 is two days, but levels 1 and 2 have shorter spacing, and once you hit guru, there’s new lessons available - which is what’s going on here.)


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