Question from a complete beginner

I’ve just started learning through WaniKani, I bought my subscription and after doing the radical lessons twice, I found myself to not be able to access any other lesson on kanji or vocabulary, until I am able to do review of radicals again.

Am I missing something, or do I literaly have to wait for days until I can continue my learning, even if I am willing to do so?

Please let me know what is best to progress my learning.

It’s too bad there’s no FAQ. Or Guide. Or way to link on the forums.


Leebo, thanks for answering. The screen I see is the one I uploaded below. Where do I go to do next lesson?

New lessons will unlock when you get the old ones right 4 times in a row, normally taking about 3 1/2 days, but sped up to half of that for the first couple levels. This is a common complaint of WK, but long term memory takes time to develop - @Leebo is right, they cover this pretty well in the guide and FAQ.

Don’t worry, in the long run you will have many more lessons than you know what to do with.


Wait 1 hour for review. Answer review correctly many times before unlocking more lessons.

WaniKani Knowledge | What is WaniKani? How do I do this and that? What is life? Find the answers here.

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You can’t. It’s impossible. They scammed you.

10 Likes guide

^The WK guide explains radicals, kanji, vocab lessons + reviews in detail so you know what to expect and how the site works

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… time to bang my head against a brick wall.


Dont be too hard on the new guy, people, he has a great enthusiasm and is brave enough to ask.


Honestly, you could just not reply. Saves you time, and saves the asker time reading the sarcasm. There are other people who are willing to help, and they have (they beat me to it while I was typing). “Newbie asking commonly-asked question” may be frustrating, but not nearly so much as “snarky reply from long-time user about newbie asking commonly-asked question”. Especially when the asker is in a “Help” section of the forum.


I thought you are the guy who posted this

Almost shocked seeing him jumped 10 level


Koichi should make everyone who asks a stupid question 10 levels higher so they have hundreds of reviews and none of the kanji makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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I told him the answer is in the FAQ. Then he didn’t go and read it. He was just asking for it at that point.

And if anyone knows anything about me, it is that I refuse to be helpful.


Well sign me up then

Ill post 10 stupid question and get myself to level 104, and you all lvl <60 scrubs will be inferior to me

And then Ill be banging my head for not understanding any of the chicken scratch characters and 2000+ lessons

Also, a question from me too, since I cant find it in the FAQ or anywhere else (blame my incompetency for not being able to read documents)

How to tag user?

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Put @ in front of a username.


That’s not in the FAQ. Just put an @ sign in front of their name.

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I pretty sure I have done it with no result before, let me try again



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Guys, I finally got the system. I only took a very short time playing with the system and wanted to get a quick answer, therefore going to the forum. I haven’t noticed any FAQ and when mentioned by @Leebo I didn’t quite get his point about it.

After @Leebo second answer, I got the point, searched for FAQ, to no avail, then found an angel called @polv who provided a clickable link. I clicked, I read, I understand it.

Sorry guys to have wasted your time. I now understand the basics and will follow system as designed.


I guess you guys are so versed at using the forum and WaniKani system, that it’s hard to imagine someone would not see or notice FAQ or guides… :slight_smile:


Okay, this guy is stubbornly polite, huh.

It’s in the footer of the main site, where most sites put their FAQ.

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