Confused on how lessons work

Hey everyone.

So, I just subscribed today, and I’m a little confused. Is there a way I can see when my next lesson will become available? Tbh, the whole interface confuses me a little bit. Would there happen to be a sticky or post somewhere that has some general information about it? I did the “tour” but it didn’t help much.


Welcome! Your question is answered in the FAQ, in the “getting started” section. The link to the FAQ is hidden all the way at the bottom of the dashboard page.

In short, the SRS system requires you to guru each radical/kanji before unlocking the associated kanji/vocab, which takes about 3.5 days. For levels 1 and 2 in particular the time is accelerated.


WaniKani User Guide
WaniKani FAQ

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So you bought the paid subscription before completing the first 3 levels? I could see that if you got lifetime, but on a timed subscription?

It’s $4.50 per month. I think I’ll be ok :slight_smile:

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Yea, I know it’s not expensive for most people, but it’s unusual to see someone spring for it that early. I’m just curious as to the reasoning. Most people take at least the first 3 levels to decide whether it’s worth it and also to get used to the interface. Even if you were sold on it for the start, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just do the free levels first anyway.

If you want to see when your next lessons are, you should install this script:

You can infer when you’ll get more lessons from that, but it only shows upcoming reviews, doesn’t it? It doesn’t know if you’ll get the answer right to unlock something.

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There’s also a script that I use where you can see your current SRS level for each item, it can help in regards of knowing how close you are to reach a new threshold (or when you unluck something new). There’s also one that works the same way but indicates how far each of the kanjis/radicals are progressed at the dashboard.

That, along with the timeline is a good indicator to know when your next rewievs will be available.

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