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Both may be correct, but a computer’s not smart enough to know that; it only knows what it’s told is correct. I don’t use kaniwani, but if it has options to add “synonyms” to answers that might be a way to go.

Doesn’t KaniWani convert to kana automatically like WaniKani does for readings? The answer should be inputted as いりぐち, so 入口 or 入り口 shouldn’t matter - they’re both read the same. Unless there’s an option to input the kanji directly or you’re using a script?

I put it in like regular kanji. So I type いりぐち and then spacebar until Ive found the right kanji. The point of this is to (as an example) realise that ‘to raise’ isn’t written as 挙げる, but 上げる.

Submitting your answer this way, 入口 is wrong according to kaniwani.

I don’t want to make this bigger than it should be. It’s not a big problem at all. I was only wondering whether there was maybe a script or something to prevent these cases being wrong. But this feels not very likely judging from reactions so far :')

Yeah, I think the default, expected input method is that you’ll type with wa-puro input, which will be converted to hiragana by the system, and then accepted or rejected. KaniWani takes the kanji form of the word from WaniKani, and WaniKani usually doesn’t teach multiple forms of words that can be written in numerous ways, so you end up with KaniWani not having those other representations of the word.

But KaniWani has the ignore button included by default, so you can always handle it that way.

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Ah, I didn’t know there was an ignore button. That should be enough for this.
Thanks for the reply (replies)!

You could try asking the developer of KaniWani in the KaniWani thread, too. As it is not made by the WaniKani developers.

Hello kanji warriors!
Is there an option to show onyomi reading of kanjis in katakana? It has two benefits for me when I learned few kanjis before wanikani. First, I was learning katakana as I am always messing it up and second, it is easier to remember that this particular reading is onyomi and the other one is kunyomi.n:blush:

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Hi Pirastrino!

At the moment, no. Not sure if they will ever officially implement this.

Other people have asked about this before, so it’s possible that a script has been made… Check out the section called “API and Third-Party Apps”. There’s a nice big list pinned to the top. If you don’t see it in there, there’s actually a thread to request such a script be made! ^^

EDIT: Actually, THIS might be just the script you’re looking for:


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Now I only want a cram session and I’ll be the happiest kanji learner in the world :joy:

Thank you once again!

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You’re welcome. ^^

Is there a way to know exactly when and how many reviews will unlock ?

I can see the “X reviews next hour” and “X reviews next day” but is there anything more accurate, like a chart ?

I’m asking because I want to progress as fast as possible and I have a lot of free time, but I don’t want to have to check the website every hour. It’d be awesome to plan ahead and know that “ok I’ll need 5 minutes for a quick review in 2 hours and 13 minutes, and then 15 minutes for a big one in 8 hours and 37 minutes”.

The site can tell you when the expected level up will occur if you continue at the same pace you’re on, though I’m not sure if there’s a better way to see how much content will unlock at any given time.

You’re in luck, if you’re willing to install add-on scripts.

Does ultimate timeline do the things they want? It just shows coming reviews, not level ups or unlocks, right?

Edit: maybe I’m misunderstanding though

Mmm, well most of what they asked. It doesn’t show the unlocks.

I’d also like it more if it projected out all the reviews (like, assuming I pass the 4-hour one, there will be an 8-hour one), maybe greyed out for the ones that depend on passing previous ones. But it only shows the next review for each item, and how many will come at what hour of the day.

Wow that was fast !

I had a look at that website and it’s great, but what I want specifically is a way to plan my day around my reviews and have them done ideally as soon as they pop up. So at the start of the day I know I need to make a break at 12:25 and 18:50 for example. At least some way to know the exact time for the next review rather than something like “~1hour” would be great.

Edit : I’ll check the script thanks !

Ah okay, the word unlock threw me off, ultimate timeline should be all you need.

That would be a neat addition to the script - Ultimate Hypothetical Timeline, that shows every review and lesson, assuming you pass every review when it’s due and readjusting when you don’t.

It works AND it’s pretty. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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Exactly what I was going to suggest as well.