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Exactly what I was going to suggest as well.

It does, actually. It shows when something is current level (and that can lead to levelling up if you pay attention to your SRS as you go), and when burn reviews are coming up as well.

EDIT: So, I suppose the correct answer would be “kind of”.

Right, but it doesn’t show the 8-hour and one-day review on the chart if I haven’t done the 4-hour one yet. So future days’ predictions are all lower than they really will be when the time comes. Also, it doesn’t show lessons that will be unlocked.

Not that it’s bad. I use it all the time and feel naked without it when I’m on the work computer. Just putting my wildest dream wishes out there. :slight_smile:

Is it just me, or is the app wanikani not working right now? Of course this occasion didnt brought me away from the path of doing reviews, since the website is absolutely fine. But the App is so convenient. I tried multiple reboots – nothing happened. And I am scared I will loose my learning process, if I delete the app on my phone to do a re-install.

Any idea/suggestions?

I think you should contact the creator of the app. As far as I know, all WK apps are third party, so it’s probably good to check the third party app thread for your specific app.

Did you try for example resetting and re-entering your API in the app or something? (I’m not too sure how these things work)

I just took the courage and deleted/reinstalled it.
Everything works and still is the same.
Thanks for thr reply anyway! :yellow_heart:

Np! Good to hear it works again :slight_smile:

just to be sure. First couple of days on wanikani consist only of radicals? cause i got no “real” kanji or vocab (but review radicals like 3 times)


In level 1, if you do all of the reviews as soon as they become available, you will get to kanji in about a day and a half. You have to review an item 4 times correctly to get it to guru status, which unlocks associated items.

Also you don’t need to be registered subscribed before level 4… I guess it’s not much of an issue if you buy the lifetime access, but since you went for a simple paid account, you could optimize subscription time.
You can send them an email (at IIRC) and sort it out with them. :slight_smile:

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Just a small change, which they probably understood anyway, but just to be clear.

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Thanks! I can’t seem to read/write correctly today.
I edited my post just in case.

Help friends. I am totally confused by learning too much Japanese.

Before, I learn only one source from WaniKani.
However, when I use the vocabulary in the daily life, the Japanese made a weird look at my conversation.
They said the vocabulary I used is too advanced, and even the kanji is not normal in daily conversation.

After thinking to use normal conversation, I take KUMON class in Japan (Yes, you can do it).
Also, to check my grammar and training it, I use bunpro.

KUMON teach me the daily conversation and how to use the kanji correctly in grammar,
however I still not yet see the advanced kanji being used in the KUMON kanji.

I am totally lost about Wani Kani,

  1. Why we should study the advanced kanji and it is not used yet ?
  2. Why not make the daily kanji first and after that we move to the advanced kanji and vocabulary ?

I am now at level 12, but I reset my account to level 10.

I learn Japanese to survive live in Japan and I hope to be able to read Manga and Japanese games.

Hi Jacknife, have you taken the time to read through the FAQ? They recently updated it, and it explains a little bit about their method here:
But I’ll pull out a few quotes that might be relevant:

The WaniKani system is focused on the finish line. For us, that’s about 2,000 kanji (that’s most of the Joyo kanji, plus some others) and 6,000 useful vocabulary words. We throw away short-term gains so you can reach that finish line faster. Using traditional methods, a university student may learn ~1,000 kanji in four years (if they’re really, really lucky). On Wanikani, we consistently get members to ~2,000 kanji in one or two years.

WaniKani assumes you’re an adult, or at least not an elementary school student. So, we go the other way: more simply structured kanji, even if the meaning is too difficult for a kindergartener to understand. This way we can teach you more complicated kanji (in structure) using your knowledge of simpler kanji. And, you’re not overwhelmed by something with 13 strokes right from the start.

By doing this, you do miss out on some super common kanji right in the beginning. But, a couple months in you’ll know all these common kanji, plus a couple hundred more. It doesn’t take long to see our focus on the long-term pay off.

To address your questions directly,

It seems to me that they designed the system with two things in mind: 1) build on kanji with simple shapes, and 2) users can advance quickly through the levels. Even though they didn’t base it on the order in which Japanese schoolchildren learn kanji, you do learn those kanji fairly early on (100% of Joyo grade 1 by WK level 8, 100% of Joyo grade 2 by level 18 - check out this chart).

Well, you’ll need them eventually, right? At least for reading…
When I was around level 10, I went through the beginning of a Japanese novel that I want to read, just underlining all the kanji that I had learned. I saw so many of the WK kanji, and it was a big confidence boost to encourage me to keep going, seeing that what I had been studying would help me in the future.

Your KUMON classes sound like a good complement to WaniKani, since (as you’ve noticed) WK doesn’t teach any grammar, speaking, or listening skills.

がんばって! :smiley:


There’s nothing super advanced in the first 10 levels or so, kanji-wise. Though it’s true that the vocabulary taught shouldn’t necessarily be used in conversation. WK isn’t teaching how to speak conversational Japanese, they’re teaching you how to read kanji. You don’t “use kanji” at all in a conversation, you’re just speaking.


Is there a way to not level up before having finished doing the vocab lessons of the current level ? Getting to a new level and having 60+ lessons from the last level is kind of a bummer for me, I would rather stay on the level I’m at until I am finished with the vocab of that level. Is there maybe a script for this or a trick I could use ?

You can’t level up and not have some lessons from the previous level waiting, because the act of leveling up and unlocking those lessons happen by guruing kanji. You can just skip kanji reviews that will push you over 90% I guess, to limit it though.

But the lessons are already there, they aren’t new, I’m just not doing them fast enough it looks like. I like to only do 10 words a day but the lessons are available. It kind of feels like the system is “punishing” me for not doing them fast enough in a way. Oh well, I’ll just get over it :slight_smile:

Okay…? I’m not really following. I don’t see how you’re being punished or how you want it to operate. You want to do all of your reviews but not level up at 90% of guru’d kanji?

Not sure if this is really what you want, but if under menu -settings you changed your lesson ordering to ‘shuffled’ then you would get to learn kanji and radicals relatively slower and would therefore probably get vocab in a bit more even fashion. I think you would level up slower though.