New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]


Hey so I have a question about burns. I’m on level 12 (just started it) and I have 1,093 Enlightened and 0 Burned. Is that normal?? I saw one person say they were on level 12 and had 430 burns… I just wanted to ask in case there’s a glitch or something.


It is time based, you get the burns after around 6 months into WK. You’re just too fast :wink:


Hmm… I’ve been a member since March tho. So maybe I’m actually just slow XD or I’ve failed the potential burns I’ve gotten :woman_shrugging:


Of course YOU would ask something like that.

I’m excited to see what you’re coming up with next.


My Guide to Wanikani has 62434 characters.


LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just more of the same actually:


Heehee. Cool. Awesome. I’m excited!


No worries! I just started getting my burns today :smile: thanks for the help!


Hello, everyone!

New at using WaniKani. At level 2 right now.

What is the pace of new lessons you guys take everyday? Pretty sure taking everything in one fell swoop is healthy way in doing it.

Also, is there discord server for fellow beginner to talk in japanese. It would be very helpful immersion-wise.


Welcome to wanikani! At the start is best just doing all the lessons available to get in the swing of things. Once you’re settled in then the number of reviews steadily goes up as stuff you did a few weeks ago comes round again. Some people like to keep going full throttle. Some like to slow it down then to keep the time commitment getting overwhelming.

I found doing enough lessons to aim to level up every two weeks was quite a nice pace, although I’ve recently slowed down to 6 new lessons a day to give me time to work on my grammar and reading. That gives me a manageable pace of about 50 reviews a day.

One disadvantage of going at maximum pace is that you have big hits where lots of reviews come up at once. A steady number of lessons each day keeps a bit of a smoother review load each day.

Good luck with the studying. You’ll need to pay once you’ve finished level 3 to keep going. There were special offers on lifetime subscriptions around Christmas last year.


Sounds good. Thank you!

I think I’ll pace myself a bit to make the free trial time last for a while before christmas coming. Hopefully there will be another discount for subscription again.


Hey I am trying to knock out my intro post. Just replying randomly to get this done. I’m Nick let’s learn Japanese yay!