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If you do reviews on pc, I would recommend the following script - it’s like the “visually similar kanji” feature except it works with radicals and vocab too. Whenever you get an item wrong it will display similar items so you can figure out if you got something mixed up, and makes it easier to study the differences between items since they are displayed next to each other. Good luck with studies! ^^


wow, the userscripts can get really impressive, huh. Thank you very much.

edit: this actually works really well, thank you for the recommendation. I’m sort of suspicious of user scripts but it worked out this time, thanks again.


How to quote people in a way that the name and pfp show on top of the quote?
All I know how to do is


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94% sounds great to me! Good job. I like to have it above 70%, but prefer 80%. It shows I’m making progress even though I’m making mistakes.

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Im starting to feel like I make WAY too many questions. Should I stop? It’s just I google these things and nothing comes up! Please tell me if I should stop.

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It’s fine! :smiley:

It’s a main purpose of the forum, and speaking for myself at least, people asking questions is a chance to practice my own research methods (and get a little hit of validation). So as learners, answerers get something out of the questions too. And it’s not like it’s gonna be a burden on anybody when we’re here of our own free will, after all!

When I answer questions I try to remember to mention how I found the answer, if I did a search myself, in case you want to try to get better at searching for your own sake. Like in English, with the right search terms, a little can go a long way. But early on, asking here’s probably easier and quicker anyway!


Nope. We’re here to help. :wink::+1:


I’ll be the first to say… acting worried about 94% sounds like you’re flexing for us. I don’t believe you actually think it’s bad.
“Yeah guys… im kind of bummed out about my marathon today. I only came in second.”

Okay, bud… you keep walking around with the shirt off… see you at level 60

1- You replied to the wrong post.
2- I literally said on a comment after that: I realized this is how people could feel about it, that I was bragging. I went OUT OF MY WAY to make it clear I was just honestly worried.

And I doubt I’ll reach level 60. I plan to move on at some point. I’m just using wanikani for now because I’m such a potato I can’t even research the words on my own. But that’s changing.

I think you misinterpreted my post… I wasn’t being serious. I was just joking around and didn’t mean to offend you. “See you at level 60” was my nudge-nudge-buddy gesture…

Also, I didn’t read your other post where you noticed your own cockiness. My bad.

It’s really hard to convey that kind of humor over the internet. My suggestion is to use emojis, lots of them, to indicate that the tone is supposed to be humorous. :sparkles: :sparkles: :grin: :+1:

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Your emojis didn’t work. I feel dark and cold. What did you do to me…

Oh no :pensive:

:cat: :cat2: :durtle_cat: :crying_cat_face:

How exactly does studying separately work with the SRS intervals? If I practice handwriting the level one kanji, will it somehow mess up the SRS? I just want to be cautious here.

I’m not sure how much I should write here, or even if I ought to start a separate post altogether. I’m a month in, and feel overwhelmed, rushed, and unteachable.

I spent over a week on level 1 and was alarmed by my inability to associate the wild stories with the random shapes. My reaction when I made it to level 2 was ‘What? I don’t know level 1 yet!’ I’ve been 19 days on level 2, unable to associate the mnemonics to the kana; the kanji seems impossible. I did one more lesson (51 more to go!?!?!?!), because I felt that one review every 12 hours was in my ability, but I was wrong.

I’m not dismissing the technique, and I’m genuinely trying to let the SRS work its magic, but I didn’t feel I was learning until I started writing the kanji, English pronunciation, the kana, and English meaning down. Even then I find that I have to look up more than I remember.

I’m not really looking for sympathy; I’d dearly love to learn what successful people are doing to make Wanikani work for them. I surely haven’t found the key yet.

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Do you mean additional studying on the WK items or other parts of Japanese?

You can form a study routine by doing (some) reviews on WK first and then do other stuff, e. g. practice handwriting, reading stuff, study grammar… You can also do both ~ WK and non WK studies ~ separately. No need to follow WK SRS intervals with anything else than your reviews here on WK.

As for your concerns the following thread might be interesting for you:

Whats your question in particular? Everyone has different ways how to study and what works for them. If it helps you to write things down there is no reason not to do it. Some other durtles also created sheets for printing, in case you are interested:

If you want to learn about how others study feel free to check out “study logs”. We also have the following master list although not everyone enters their study log in there.

In general, one week per level is very fast. Reading your comment gives me the impression the mnemonics don’t work for you. In that case you can create your own. Something that makes the items more tangible for you.

Do you already know one of the kana systems? Otherwise I’d recommend to learn hiragana first before jumping too deep into kanji.


That’s a very interesting thread, thank you very much. I guess it is sort of silly to assume that studying MORE would somehow hurt recall. I was worried that I would somehow be cheating myself by learning to write the kanji separate from Wanikani , but the thread resolved that issue. I guess if I really wanted to be prudent I could just practice handwriting them after I burnt them.

Besides, it’s not like the kanji don’t come up in the other ways I study to begin with.

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Cool :slight_smile:

Actually, practicing handwriting is a different skill. So, if you want to learn how to handwrite kanji you can incorporate into your study routine at any time, I think.

I sometimes do handwriting when I have trouble to differentiate two kanji. Following the stroke order makes me spend more time with these items and to focus on details. I don’t do it to learn handwriting as a skill though since I don’t have a use case for it. But that’s a decision everyone has to make for themselves.

Anyways, good luck with your studies and always feel free to ask when some questions come up :four_leaf_clover:

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