Website for generating printable kanji worksheets

This is the website I made for myself and thought I can share with WK community as well:

You can paste comma-separated kanji or vocabulary (can easily be grabbed from, print the page and practice writing by hand. The website uses the font which has small numbers attached to kanji indicating stroke order.

Happy to hear a feedback or ideas for improvement.


Just printed out all the kanji I’ve unlocked so far. Worked perfectly!

I will be using this a lot, as I think it’s important for memory to write the kanji down. Thanks for making this!

Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using this the past couple days and it’s been a huge help. Really convenient. Will you be developing it any further? I would love to see customizable font sizes (by pt size) and maybe options for more rows. An option for tategaki-style vertical columns would be great as well.
Either way, thank you for making this!

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@Kagrenac @Seraphite Thanks for the feedback!
@Seraphite I updated the website. Perhaps you will like it even more. The new feature is that you can display more kanji in gray font so it serves as a guide for few first characters.


Tomek, this is a great idea! I really like that, especially the shuffle option. Thanks for sharing, I will be using it for sure.
Right now rotation to vertical columns for the vocabulary items doesn’t work for me, so maybe you can work on that. Dzięki i pozdrawiam! :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks, yeah, I didn’t think about this use case. I believe it’s fixed now :slight_smile: Enjoy.

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Hey there! Your website is great, thank you very much! Would it be possible to make the gray kanji “grayer”? They don’t appear in the printable sheets at all for me. A font color of RGB 192/192/192 looked great on paper. Hope this is a quick fix. :slight_smile:


Done! Let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

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@wsegatto ?

Sorry for the delayed reply.
Great addition of colors, works perfectly!
Thank you so much! Appreciate your efforts!

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