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Hi, hello everyone.
I’m actually new to wanikani, but I’m really enjoing this kinda learning.
I’m an high school student and, well, I would like to try to win a scholarship to maybe realize this dream of mine.
I would like to actually attend an english course of study in Japan.
The selection consists, among other things, in a japanese test, and that’s gonna be in 6 months.
I’ve sadly never studied Japanese, my actual lever is 0.
I’m trying all my best to and I really am motivated to learn.
In reality I don’t really know what level should I reach for the test, as the past results are not disclosed, but I can have access to the past results of the test they do for research student, wich I’ll attach here.
So, I would really like to make more lessons to progress quickly, but they’re all gray and not available, is it possible to have more lessons and reviews?
Would you say that I may be able to reach an elementary level, at least, in those 6 months?
Thank you very much.
Research students japanese test

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Which level would you need to pass?

EDIT: Ah, sorry. I understand from your post

I would say that the elementary (A level) would be attainable within a six-month period.


You can definitely reach the “elementary” level within 6 months, but WaniKani would not be the biggest part of you getting there. Everything but section IV has furigana on it. So, WaniKani would help you on that one section specifically, and maybe in a general sense for some other vocab. But if you focused solely on WaniKani for 6 months, you’d fail the elementary level test.

EDIT: I checked out the advanced test’s kanji section and it’s decently challenging, I’d say. They ask you to write some high level kanji, which is a little unusual for these kinds of Japanese tests. Usually it’s just reading kanji with multiple choice for kanji-specific questions.


Yes, I’m actually studying grammar and period construction, I’ve get “Genki”.
Thank you very much! ^^
EDIT: Ahw, yes, well, I’ll try all my best but I don’t think to be able to reach the advanced level within 6 months.
“Luckily” the selection doesn’t consist in the Japanese test only, there actually are math, biology, chemistry, physics and english, where I hope to score a little better ;^;
Actually, here’s all the tests, in the section “undergraduate students”.
All the tests

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Yeah, I was just checking it out since kanji is my favorite thing to study in Japanese, and I have taken high level kanji writing tests, so it was intriguing.

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WaniKani is just slow at the beginning, if you keep doing it you’ll soon have more lessons than you can chew. I can’t even remember when I’ve last got my lessons to zero, right now I have 66 waiting and no capacity to take them on (I started 102 days ago).


I would say maybe grammer and vocabulary are more important in this case. From what i understood since the test might have furigana kanji might not be that important. IMO


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