🍰 Level 60! 🍰

After beginning to study on Wanikani exactly two years ago, I finally managed to reach level 60!

Having free time during summer break at that time, I thought instead of killing time watching youtube and stuff like that I could do something more useful like taking a shot at learning language. Japanese came up as the most interesting candidate. Therefore, I started with Wanikani, intending to take in the language as I did when learning English - from reading various forms of media, playing games etc.

Boy did it turn out as a naive idea. Just to get to a level where I could read native material turned out to take huge amounts of effort, not really comparable with learning English. Being a lazy ass I am, I just pushed through Wanikani not learning anything else, like grammar. Half a year later in early 2019 (~level 25), an opportunity to enroll in an exchange study program in Japan came up and I got accepted.

It took me another 5 months to start learning some grammar in addition to WK, when exam period ended. I went through N5 and big part of N4 grammar on Bunpro in 2 months before I arrived in Japan.

Japanese school offered an opportunity to enroll in Japanese laguage classes, which I gladly took. There was a placement test to evaluate my Japanese level so I could be placed in a class around my level. The test placed me at around upper N3 level, which I found ridiculous when I first saw the results. All I did until then was WK at around level 32 and Bunpro for two months, no reading, listening, (except for anime ofc :^)), speaking, and I couln’t write a letter, as I never learned how to write kana, not mentioning kanji.

The classes were tough at first, but the teachers were great. I didn’t try to push for higher level, I just tried to solidify what I knew and fill in the gaps in my knowledge.

Overall, the exchange program was awesome. I got to live in Tokio for 5 months, travel the western Japan and actually use the language I was learning for more than a year. The feeling of being able to read most of the kanji I saw was worth the time invested in WK.

The whole experience made me motivated to keep learning Japanese. After returning home in early 2020, I kept at it at a slower pace, as final examination for my masters was coming near.

I played with the idea of living in Japan someday as I loved the stay there, but it was more of a dream, not something that I hoped to get to anytime soon. However at that time, a Japanese company contacted me with a job offer, which was completely unexpected. I went through several online job interviews, which were completely in Japanese. Ultimately I got accepted, with starting date set on 2020/7/1.

We all know what happened this year, so my starting date was moved indefinitely until Japan allows entry. Until then, I’ll keep learning - finishing WK is just a start of sorts - finally now I can confidently read Japanese!

Back then I picked up Wanikani on a whim, not really intending to learn Japanese in depth. Now, I have a job in Japan lined up, something I would not even dream of when beginning WK.

A big thanks goes to WK staff and the community for offering an amazing environment for learning kanji and creating a great starting point for people who want to go further.

And finally, here come the stats for anyone interested:




Good luck with your new job. I am glad that good things are happening to you.


bow hinata haikyu
Congratulations on getting to 60 @Vrtulniky-先輩! All the best to you and your future job in Japan.


Hearty congratulations @Vrtulniky :balloon::confetti_ball:

You are living the dream :love_you_gesture:t2:


Spotted the German

I felt this

Anyway, congrats for your impressive achievements!


Oops, not really german tho :slight_smile: Must be a central/eastern european thing, it’s spelled like that in my language as well :^)


I thought the same as @Laserduck, as I knew a German who learned English as a second language, and he struggled with English using “y” as an “i”. It always “felt” wrong to him. So, if he were to write Tokyo, I could imagine him writing it as Tokio. (That situation never came up, so I’m not saying he for certain would have.)

Congrats on reaching level 60! Hopefully things go smoothly with the job opportunity once things settle a bit.


That was an interesting read. It’s great that so much came of you just deciding to take up Japanese in your free time a few years ago. Good luck on your adventures once you eventually head back out to Japan!


Well, I tried guessing but failed. Close enough.

If you don’t mind sharing, what’s your language? I’m just curious.


Slovak :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s super impressive, as a total beginner this was super motivating to read. Congratulations💗


Well isn’t that a mood.


And thanks for sharing the stats—inspiring for us who don’t have 99% accuracy and aren’t gonna finish in a year lol.


Wow that is probably the best outcome ever! Congratulation!


Congratulations @Vrtulniky! And thank you for sharing such a wonderful post! Stay safe and happy learning! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Living the dream. Congratulations!

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Congratulations!! :tada: :partying_face: :confetti_ball:


How long did you spend on average per day for reviewing / learning new stuff?

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That depends on the day, but I’d say one hour for WK and one for the rest each day would be my average. As for lessons, I tried to do at least 20 per day to keep a steady pace.

WK took me two years overall so yeah, I could go faster but I preferred to take it slower. Around level 20, the amount of daily reviews that started to arrive overwhelmed me a bit, so I slowed down for some time due to almost burning out.

Remember, it all about how you pace yourself, WK is not a race to kanji knowledge. You hurry it and hurt your long term retention.

A manageable pace for me turned out to maintain around 150 apprentice items, doing new lessons once apprentice items dipped below 100.

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Great to read, congrats and thanks for sharing :+1:
Really inspiring to see how thing scan evolve in such a short time - getting older you’ll see that 2 years is finally a “short” time :wink:


That’s a wonderful story and these two sentences are a great summary of your adventure.
This shows us how seemingly innocent and insignificant decisions can lead to life-changing events in the next few years.

Congratulations! And I hope you are just at the beginning of this great journey!