Anki Deck - EN to JP & JP to EN

I’m having trouble here, but I’d love to create an Anki Deck that has my “wanikani to anki” export, but shows the Japanese word in one card, and the English card on another. This is similar to Any thoughts or resources on how to do this?

I tried using this, but it doesn’t do the EN > JP that I want. [Anki Deck Template] WK Anki, Crihak’s Flavor

So, you have notes with the JP and EN content already but you can’t get your cards to be in the format you want them to?
Which cards have you configured and what do the “Front” and “Back” configurations for these cards look like?
You will either have to change your card config or add another configuration if you want to review in both directions.

Are you familiar with the Anki basics?

This is an article that I found helpful when I started with Anki:

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