Need an opinion on Lessons

Hi guys, I just reached level 3 and I have over 100 new items to learn.
How do you people usually do your lessons? Do you do them all at once or just a few at a time? How many do you like to learn at once and how much time do you give yourself between lessons?

Other users have expressed their different methods over in that thread, and more recently there was also discussion here:

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Thanks to for the quick response.
Also I am rather new to this foruming thing. Is there a way to delete threads or do I just let it rot?

I’m doing 12 lessons a day, first thing in the morning, with 2 reviews of those items during the day. I don’t worry about what type of lessons they are, the number I do doesn’t change. It keeps my overall number of reviews consistant.

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There’s no way for users to delete threads, no. I wouldn’t worry about it ^^

Your approach to lessons depends a lot on how you find them and whether you’re trying to level up in a certain time and so on. Personally I like to do a reasonably consistent number each day, because as Rowena said it keeps my review count fairly even from day to day.

There’s no particular need to do all of the lessons at once. The vocab has no effect on your levelling up time, so even if you’re trying to level up quickly you can space out the vocab lessons to “fill in the gaps” on the days when you don’t have radicals or kanji.


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