How Many Lessons Do you guys do at a time?

Was just wondering , how many lessons will unlock ? does it unlock the entire level at a time , Whats your lesson pace per review if so ?

Im currently doing all available lessons , till it shows 0 , guessing it will be hard to do this at higher levels ? please give insights guys so i don’t get to hate wanikanni and quit ! i Want to get to 60


When I have radicals available to learn, I learn them all at once. Most radicals are incredibly easy to remember.

I limit learning kanji to about ten a day. I find that spending a little extra time and effort to let kanji sink in makes things a lot easier in the long run.

I’m a little more fast and loose with vocab. If I have a big stack of vocab to learn I’ll sometimes go through 40 in a day, but I typically try to limit myself to 20. If you take the time to really learn the kanji, vocab is typically pretty easy.

All that said, I try and keep my apprentice items at 100 or below. Another good piece of advice is to only do new lessons if you’ll be able to do the first review (four hours later) exactly on time. If you wait too long you’ll completely forget them and you’ll have wasted your time.

My average time per level is sitting around 9-10 days, so my pace is relatively quick. Speed isn’t important, though, so adjust around what works for you.


I do about 14 a day. Usually no more than 7 kanji, and generally I don’t learn them together. I don’t learn new things on weekends in general.
Radicals are the exception I do all of those at once, they take zero time and I have no problems doing that.
I also make sure to only have one level of vocab behind. If I’m on level 15, I work on learning the kanji for 15 while finishing off the vocab for 14, but by the time I am 16 I want to make sure I’ve done everything from 14 so it doesn’t stack up or get ignored forever.


thx for the insight !

thx for the insight !!

Usually all of them, unless I’m not really feeling it.

In those cases, I do all the kanji lessons and leave the vocab for later.


If I’m feeling pumped, then I’ll try to at least finish all the kanji for each new level, then slowdown on the new vocab over the next few days, since I want to get the kanji in as fast as possible. Other times, I just try to finish at least 10 reviews a day until the list is cleared.


I do all as soon as possible.

i agree with what people already said: it depends on what you’re learning. when i unlock radicals, i wanna do them as soon as possible. usually i can do them in 1 or 2 runs. for kanji i take lotta more time, it depends on if i already know them by meaning (some are quite familiar sometimes), but i usually do 5–10 lessons at a time. for vocabulary it also depends. i do usually 10–20 vocab lessons at a time because they’re often predictable in readings or meanings (or both). but if i face difficult words, i only do 5 and then let them rest. i personally like to train my new learned words etc. before i go further, but thats very subjective. im a very slow learner. last time i tried to keep my lessons and reviews 0/0 and it burned me out and gave me a lot frustration because my recognition went from 90+ to 70+ and even lower. atm im very stable with always being over 90% accuracy and i can forgive myself when i do mistakes more easily now. i hope you can find your perfect pace. i think we are all different, but please take care of your frustration level!

I usually do 5 lessons a day but only when my reviews are progressing. If I have a set of items in review that I consistently get wrong, then I will skip lessons for that day and work on the critical condition items in study until they are starting to gel. I don’t have a set number of anything (other than daily lessons)… I just go by how well I’m retaining the current lesson items.

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A good strategy if you want to move moderately fast and can touch WK several times a day is to do 5-10, then wait 4 hours for the review of them. If you did well, do 5-10 more, if you did poorly, the pace is too fast. Repeat every 4 hours during the day. Always bring your review queue to zero before taking new lessons - if you can’t do this, then you cannot handle more material. I always preferred a mixture of kanji and vocab with my lessons.

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Thx for all the insight !

Ok to sum up all responses , this is what i decided to do

radicals : do them all at once :smiley:
Kanji : 10 a day at best
Vocab : if did well in kanji do all available or do 5
Reviews; do them when available , Pile up reviews in night times nd ofttimes nd do them in Morning !


I usually did all of them

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