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I’m pretty new to this and I was wondering if it’s worth holding off on new lessons for a bit to keep practicing the kanji and vocab I have unlocked to get it to guru or maybe even a higher rank? Or do you guys always do the new lessons as soon as they come up? I’m wondering because right now i feel like I have a whole mountain of ‘stuff’ in front of me and any more new material would just make it this much harder to stick in my memory… :frowning:

any advice is appreciated !

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Hello hello, welcome!

Do however many lessons you feel you can effectively do. :slight_smile:

When I just started, I could do about 5 lessons a day if I wanted decent retention. Some time later, I could do 10 a day. Later 20. By the end, even more. You get used to the newness, and you get used to committing things to memory.

If you hit every review interval in the hour that it unlocks, it takes 47 hours to get an item to Guru. With about 8.000 items in all of WK, it would take a huge amount of time to get to level 60 if you only add new lessons when your last batch hits Guru or higher, so I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

There is no one method that works for everyone, so just take the first couple of levels to experiment and feel out what works for you. You’ll find a rhythm.

Personally, I never did all my lessons in one go. I did a set number of lessons a day, which also meant I didn’t have days of huge review spikes later down the road. If you do a steady number of lessons, you get a steady number of reviews coming back at later dates.

Good luck finding your stride!


I see you are a person who actually gets their reviews correct!


Heh, I wish. :wink:

It’s true that it’s not 1:1, but I think it kept my reviews pretty steady throughout the journey to 60. ^^ I prefer having a more continuous rhythm and know what I’m in for, rather than having days with little reviews, and then a day with 400.


When I started out, for the first 3 levels, I aimed to keep my apprentice items to 10 at all times and only did new lessons when I got down below that number. Unfortunately this meant that I wasn’t getting the positive reinforcement of learning the vocabulary straight after the kanji and so it was actually counter-productive.

From level 4 onwards I would try to initially learn the kanji and radicals, and then once the vocabulary words were unlocked I’d learn them in a big splurge until I had around 120 items in my apprentice levels, not do any more lessons for a week or so until I got those to guru, and then the cycle starts again.

As you progress through more and more of the vocabulary items you learn will be utilising kanji you’re already comfortable with from lower stages so they should start to feel less onerous.

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