How many lessons/reviews a day should I do?

Hi, Im currently on level 2, Im interested in finishing all the 60 lessons within a year (Im in japan right know for a few weeks but plan to come back in a year). currently Im doing mostly 2 reviews a day and between 1 to 3 new lessons a day. Is that enough or too little to get my desired 1 year know all kanji effect?

When you say “1 to 3 lessons” per day, do you mean one to three new items? Like one to three new radicals, kanji, or vocabulary? Or do you mean you clear out your lessons one to three times a day?

Just trying to get a picture of what you mean :slight_smile:

Since they said

I’m assuming they mean “review sessions”. So they probably mean lesson sessions too. Or they plan to finish in 2117


I think you mean level 60.
I don’t think it’s possible to finish in a year.
Fastest leveling after level 3 is about 6days 20 hours or something like that if you’re online all the time.
Maybe level 55 or something.

You should be doing all your lessons as soon as you get them and doing reviews multiple times in a day.
Leveling up depends on getting correct answers on both reading and meaning so study as you wait for more reviews. Once you subscribe, you have access to all the future kanji.

You can use scripts like Ultimate Reorder to do your Kanji first.
I would not advise skipping vocabulary, but you can do just kanji if you want to level up quickly.

I have been doing two review sessions a day, once in the morning and once at night before bed and I’m only level 47 in 1 year and 7 months. There are other threads for how fast people are leveling up. But I’m only human and I have a job too so I get some of my kanji wrong which makes me level at about once every 15 days.

As sudoyulo pointed out it’s 6d20h for the fastest leveling time with the exception of levels 26 and 46+ which are 3d10h(?) at the minimum.

Accomplishing this means maintaining perfect accuracy on key radicals and kanji, so something like the override script is recommended along with other tools like the lesson filter and ultimate timeline. Check out the API and 3rd party apps section for more information on user scripts.

For the short levels you need to do all the kanji ASAP, then do the rest of the lessons while those are working up to guru to keep an even leveling pace.

For the ~7 day levels it’s a bit more complicated. Do all of the radicals ASAP. While those are working up to guru start as much as the kanji as possible. When the radicals hit guru you will unlock the last few kanji needed to hit 90%+, at this point you need to do the lessons for any remaining kanji. Try to distribute the vocabulary to even out your lesson/review counts with whatever time you have left over.

Since the number of items per level vary there is no magic number to keep an even pace. In general around 20 to 30 lessons per day are all that are needed to clear out all the items in a level over a 1 week period.

Skipping vocabulary is not advised. The vocabulary terms are often selected to help reinforce the readings of kanji and help teach readings that were not covered in the kanji lessons.

Learning all kanji using only WK in one year is ambitious, it depends a bit on your prior knowledge, and your willingness to review kanji outside of the usual WK schedule. If you can focus on kanji every day and if you are committed, WK may even slow you down. However, taking your time is important for long-term memorization, so going (relatively) slow as WK enforces is actually a good idea.

I recommend the self-learning userscript to “pre-learn” the content of later levels to reduce delays from new content. You can use it to preview and drill higher kanji more conveniently. It is also good to refresh a few prior levels.

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