Nearly level 11

I hope people can support me jouring my journey through wanikani, I know i cant do wanikani by myself without you guys being thiere for me.

I know theres still a bit more to get done, but you guys really take that pain away of giving up hope from me, so thanks. bless you


I’m also level 10, nearly level 11 (I should hit level 11 in about 4 hours)
We got this!! :smile:


I should hit in about 2 - 3 days, i got a about 150 lessons to finish to

Get in there fella!!! :slight_smile:

Almost there as well! :grin::handshake:

Join some of the collective study threads is my tip. There are several of them. For example:

And make use of the sub forums. When I first did WK I created study groups for each stage of WK and there were always people that would drop by and share experiences, tips and encouragement. Make your own, and also scroll through past experiences to guide you on your way.

Those are my tips!


Come on get to level 11 :slight_smile: Its been 7 hours

Congrats on the milestone! It got considerably tougher for me starting from level 11, depending on your speed. But as long as we keep at it, we can only go up and up : D Also as a bonus, I got my first only 6 new radicals level (level 14) such a breath of fresh air : D No more 14+ radicals per lesson for me ^^’

Lets work together, we can learn a thing or 2

Thanks for the reminder :laughing: I had to wait until I was done with work to do my reviews. But now I’m level 11, as promised!

I wish I was that good of an employee :eyes:

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LOL. I do substitute teaching, and I like to do my reviews with sound on. Imagine me in class with my laptop just spewing audio of a bunch of random Japanese words. Either that or I put my airpods in and every kid thinks that gives them free reign to do the same… nope lol :joy: So I just don’t

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Ganbare @smauel san :slight_smile:

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