My L60 post + more levels

Inspired by the thread for WK to add more levels, I created a deck to finish off the remaining N1 kanji for anyone interested. After putting it together, I can see why WK didn’t bother to include them but there are some useful ones. But if you are a completionist or a hardcore kanji fan, you may enjoy this. Also looking for feedback from users experienced in N1 realm, happy to add more if requested.

Deck Description

*The Lost WK Levels: 61-70 deck includes the remaining N1 & 常用漢字 367 kanji not included on WaniKani based on wkstats to create levels 61-70. Almost all kanji have custom mnemonics and all cards are seperated by level tag which can be filtered to recreate the WK experience along with 466 vocab words. If you want an even more extensive kanji list, I suggestion checking out the Beyond WK kanji deck.

I no doubt have typos or bad grammar in the mnemonics, so feedback is welcomed (along with additional mnemonics on empty kanji). Space is limited so I usually selected the first onyomi reading unless I found the kunyomi more useful. If there are other N1 kanji not included (and WK), happy to add them as well, enjoy!

BTW, the cover title parallels game review for Lost Levels SMB2 (JP): Retrospective reviewers recommended the game for those who mastered the original, or those who would appreciate a painful challenge. I would say the same for this deck :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are my obligatory numbers for level 60. As you can see, I’m not breaking any records for speed or accuracy here. The vocab mnemonic never took as well and as I burned deeper into the SRS, my accuracy also went down. But if you average in the 80s, you can still slog on and keep going. And I think recirculating failed master and enlightenment items has helped alot to solidify them.


My Summary

I never gave a proper intro but my main motivations for the language are really just be able to converse better w/ extended family and friends. I never really intended on learning the language in-depth and up until before WK, I ever really studied properly. When I started WK, I was a failed N4 user but I could hold conversations reasonably and had been talking with conversation partners for a number of years. But my kanji knowledge was spotty at best and I sort of hit a limit on how well I could remember new vocab without more in-depth kanji study. So it’s nice now to be able to read a letter or be able follow Japanese subtitles with far more ease. And of course my reading speed has improve alot more since starting 2.5 years ago.

Going forward

With WK, I go through vocab decks far more efficiently now, it still surprises me and able to extract them much better into conversation. I’m ~80% into BP so hoping to finish of the remaining N2/1 grammar points. I still have a taste for SRS for vocab gaps so I’d like to keep them going. I narrowly failed N3 last year but by my assessments this year, I’ve been able to pass mock exams so I’m just going to to keep moving forward and maybe shoot to attempt N2 next year. To me, they are just a measure for learning so failing is ok too. Most of my language journey has been a humbling experience of more failures than victories. Eventually, I’d like to ease SRS a bit going forward to just more reading, listening and conversing…someday.


What a great and friendly community! I learned about so many great resources that have been life changing, so thank you. And it’s nice to meet new people around the world with a shared experience, it’s pretty amazing to have this available to help motivate each other. You have to submit to the silliness of WK, that is really the magic of why it is so effective at what is does IMHO.


:confetti_ball: Congratulations :confetti_ball:

Thanks for sharing your journey including the different ups and downs. And I’m happy for you that persistence pays off in the long run and you can already notice the progress in your studies and while immersing :slight_smile:

But for now it is cake time:




You made it to the top! Not breaking speed records doesn’t matter. What matters is you made it to the end.


Omedetou gozaimasu @s1212z san :partying_face:


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Congratulations :cake: :crabigator: :confetti_ball:

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