Any Wanikani plan for 60+ levels?

Hey everyone! :smiley:

So I know the levels 51-60 have been added relatively recently and that I’m probably being a spoiled brat here… BUT! I’m scared that when I finish level 60 I will want more with Wanikani! (still got a year or so to go but still haha) Like finishing the JLPT1 Kanji and more!

Do you know if Wanikani has any plan of adding more Kanji in the future? (however far this future might be) I haven’t seen any posts about this!


No, there aren’t.

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Well this looks like a possibility to me! That’s all I needed, thank you :slight_smile:

Someone made their own “WaniKani Infinity levels 61+” or something like that. You can find it on the forums. A lot of content that you can export to anki and it retains some of the feel of WK.

Also, at that point, most of the vocab you learn should probably be coming from your specific needs. Like if you’d always wanted to be able to read manga, you’d take the common words you find there (and haven’t encountered in WK) and add them to anki/memrise yourself. At that point, you should be able to make your own mnemonics and ween yourself off of the spoonfeeding of sorts of WK.


The best I can create is this one. It includes all N1 kanji, and all kanji in Core 10k, plus some 人名用.

Please see inside the thread for more: Kanji beyond WaniKani (esp. 常用 and 人名用) plus more [Spreadsheet, Anki and Memrise]


Enjoy the current level you are on instead of looking ahead into the future. Stay in the present! Worry about this stuff WAY later. There’s still a long way to go, even at level 24. (Laugh at me because I am level 8)

That sect name though…


Sounds like he knows what he’s talking about…

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Sorry for bringing the topic up after a while! (I had exams!)

That looks so cool! But how do you study these exactly? :slight_smile:

As for how to use, I tried to duplicate WaniKani in Anki, but it is not really so proud and smooth.

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