Supplement for the 257 N1 Kanji not on WK?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a supplement of the 257 N1 Kanji not taught on WK? Maybe like an Anki or quizlet deck? I counted all of the green boxes on wkstats which totaled 257.

I’m still only at an ~N4 level at the moment so it’s not pertinent, but honestly, I wish WK would just add a couple of those kanji per each level so that it could cover all of the N1 kanji.


There’s a custom deck on that someone made called “The Lost WK Levels: Level 61-70” that covers the N1 and the remaining 常用漢字 with accompanying vocab to recreate the WK experience. It’s not free, kitsun is it’s own paid SRS service where people make custom decks, but it’s pretty thorough. When I’m done with WaniKani I was thinking of going to that deck to top off the N1/常用漢字. I want to take the N1 one day too, so it kinda sucks I can’t just stick with WK to get there for the kanji. I know their point is that you can just do it on your own after finishing WK, but come on lol, why choose ~2000 as an arbitrary benchmark, when the country itself already made arbitrary benchmark in the form of the 常用漢字


WK already gets complaints about “useless” kanji among the ones they already include. The missing N1 and jouyou kanji include things like 朕 and 璽 that I’ve only encountered in studying for kanji-specific tests (Kanken). There are reasons why they are considered “jouyou” (like 璽 is used in 国璽, the State Seal of Japan), but are you going to read about the State Seal of Japan? I don’t mind WK thinking you probably won’t.


Very true and in the end I get it. After having studied for and just recently taken the N4, I’m not exactly in love with the idea of such standardized metrics now lol (like oh goody, even more harder tests in my future). It’s just my hoarder brain that wants it all in one place haha.

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But LEEBO it’s called the COMMON USE kanji! And then once I learn all those I can say I know ALL THE JOYO KANJI.

There’s nothing but reasons to add them!



And actually, I was lying about 国璽. It’s actually quite common. I saw a guy with a 国璽 tattoo just yesterday.


That’s awesome!

Reminds me of a handwritten letter I got from one of my first graders with a learning disability after they were having a hard time learning the English for fruits


Brings a tear to my eye every time I read it.


朕 turns up in volume seven of the Nausicaa manga. Miyazaki kindly gives it furigana, though.

璽 I don’t think I’ve run into, and conversely I have encountered plenty of non Jouyou kanji. The conclusion I draw from that is that as a learner you need to eventually develop a way of dealing with new kanji as and when you meet them in words you want to read in real world text, that isn’t reliant on somebody else’s premade deck or system. (Personally I tend to go for “learn the words and don’t bother to study the kanji independently”.) Part of any kanji learning system ought to be that it gives you the foundation and tools to be able to do that and leaves part of the job up to you to complete, because it can never carry you all the way and it would be inefficient for it to try to do so.


Hold on, I read this series which uses it 76 times
So its my turn to be the obnoxious guy who joins the conversation any time a rare word is brought up

ackshually guis, I see this word all the time in the content I read, so really you cant say its rare since esid and I think it would be very valuable to teach everyone this word since this one book uses it a lot. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

EDIT: it also has 玉璽 so lets get that added


I feel that this one is genre-specific, but if to choose one answer, I think it’s not useful.

Not sure if I have seen another one being used. If I had, it’s probably in the same genre.

For OP’s question, I have made an Anki deck for 20 more levels at some point, somewhere in this forum; but I don’t particularly recommend it.


It’s on my todo list as well.

Sadly 鬱 is already on WaniKani.

I’d just say that you can recreate the WK experience, but you definitely don’t have to. You can skip around freely, vocab is just an option too. I’ve definitely come around kanji in the wild from it but I wouldn’t list this as the highest of study priorities by any means. But if you like the WK routine or want to build some familiarity (or just enjoy learning kanji with mnemonics) it’s a low pressure deck to keep up given only 10 levels, I think I spread it out over a year so real slow. I wouldn’t want it on WK honestly with the current platform and mix 9000 other SRS items would be rather hell-ish. I put the kanji also in the writing deck on as well (filter tag Lost Levels).


I see you have good taste.

I wish 叶 and other N1 kanji was taught here. It’s not too far away from being the one resource for all common Nx kanji

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What is this site / app you are using to check frequency? Looks interesting.

It’s jpdb


This isn’t specifically a supplement but 漢字でGo! is fun and would probably teach you a lot of extra kanji (although some of them are VERY unnecessary)

You get incredibly surprised whenever sth you actually know somehow comes up

Even the easiest level is somewhat painful still