Let's persuade Wanikani to add more levels

Ok, guys. I love kanji. And I love wanikani’s organization. It’s what I’d do myself if I cared to take the time, but I’m willing to pay someone else to set it all up for me. Which is why I’m here. But here’s the thing: I’m quickly approaching level 60, but I’m more then happy to keep giving wanikani my money if they’ll give me more levels to work on. So here’s my question: does anyone else feel the same way? Who else would be happy to keep paying to have another 10 levels or so, even if the kanji we learn wouldn’t technically be that useful? Am I crazy or are there more people like me? If there are, let’s make some noise and try to convince the powers that be to put in 10 more levels.


I’ll totaly keep my subscription running if they add another 10 levels :upside_down_face:

I don’t think it’s all that reasonable, neither from a business nor a learners perspective. Gotta start learning them scribbles on your own at some point.


Maybe more levels that are vocab only?


I’ve heard that argument before, but as a person who has a masters in Japanese language and literature and also passed the N2, I still find that position wanting. Of course I can learn on my own. I’d been doing it for 10 years before I learned about WaniKani. In the past, I used Anki and basically did my own WaniKani-esque thing. But it’s a lot easier to just pay the monthly fee than it is to spend the ungodly amount of time it takes to make my own anki decks. So I support WaniKani adding more levels.


OMG Same <3


Yeah, but at some point the Kanji you want to learn aren’t the Kanji I want to learn. The more kanji you add, the more obscure they get. Sure, there are still some pretty common Kanji missing, WaniKani is thinking about adding some of those, but at some point you’ll have to learn more on your own.
Where WaniKani draws that line, in terms of profit, makes sense to me.


Honestly if there were 70 levels I think I would have been way too overwhelemed. Right now I just see it as 50 levels with a bonus 10 tacked on. And that is a reasonable amount. As a newbie I may have just decided that there’s no way I could ever finish 70 levels of this torture learning and quit.


I think adding more kanji (in a magnitude of levels) is very unecessary.


Idk about 10 full levels, but I’d love to see them add some more JLPT kanji/vocab. I know there are so many other SRS-based resources with this available but I just love WK so much and would prefer to keep the number of SRS’s I use as low as necessary XD;;

I also really like the idea of some vocab-only bonus levels :smiley:


The last 10 levels were very difficult for me tbh, simply because my initial drive was no longer there and by the time I hit level 50 I got fed up with reviewing so much every day.

I also feel like by the time you’ve reached level 60 you should be able to do learn kanji on your own without needing WaniKani as a crutch any longer, and there’s several other SRS websites/programs by now too.


I think adding more levels isn’t very usefull unless its mostly vocabulary. At level 60 you are supposed to know most joyo kanji and other usefull uncommon kanji. Id rather have them improve on the existing concept and add new features too it.


I could get behind this idea, just for learning’s sake. I don’t know much about payment stuff, since I went ahead and got lifetime (otherwise I’d get stressed over making payments :face_vomiting:).
That stated, I’ve also been sitting on level 7 for almost a year now, and am only familiar with the “easy” levels. So I guess take my opinion with a grain of salt.

P.S.: And I was thinking to myself “I’ll get a post up here before @jprspereira arrives because you know he’ll arrive eventually and it’d make me feel accomplished or something to post somewhere before he arrives”


Unnecessary from what perspective? If there are enough people who would be happy to continue paying to have them, then it certainly isn’t unnecessary. Wanikani doesn’t make any money off of people after they finish the curriculum. It seems like the only barrier would be if you assume that people would never start if they say the number 70 rather than the number 60.


They’ve already said that if they add more kanji they’d most likely be interspersed in the existing levels, rather than creating new levels.


All the kanji that was ever used in the sample sentences that isn’t yet taught would be a nice place to start, imho.


There’s a lot more money to be made in improving the overall user experience and the earlier levels compared to the later levels. Just as a percentage, very few people reach level 60 as it is. There was a chart by level at some point, but I don’t remember where.


That’s a good point. I’m more speaking from the perspective of someone who just loves learning kanji. I don’t want to stop wanikani once I hit level 60. I’d rather have more things to learn laid out for me rather than go back to what I did before wanikani, which was read a book until I found a Kanji I didn’t know, then add it to my anki deck. Having a bunch of things all laid out is nice. It saves time, it saves effort, and I’m willing to pay for it.


Great point!


I’m talking from the perspective of the learner. The remaining new kanji that I’ve been finding pretty much only shows up in 1-3 words maximum. In the way that Wanikani does it, dividing it by radicals, then kanji and only then vocab seems very unecessary. One full week to start learning 3 words? Those words will be unique enough that you’ll be able to identify them on SRS without previously learning anything related to them (radicals + kanji).

I don’t see any advantage to the learner, at all. Sure, Wanikani could continue asking us for more money that way. Sure, I’d probably end up doing those extra levels anyway just to say that I did it all… but productive to my language learning? I don’t think so, at all :slight_smile:

Just my 2円 :v:


“One full week to start learning 3 words?”

Why would that have to be the case?