Low level lessons at higher level

Hey guys!

First post, yay! I am currently on level 14. And I just got lessons for lower level Vocabulary and now I am extremely confused.

One of the vocabulary I know I have seen before!

These are the Vocabulary I got:

札, 以後, 使用, 番号札, 特選, 人参

The levels are in this order:
7, 7, 9, 10, 10, 13, 14

The only one that makes sense to me is 人参 which is my current level. All the other Vocabulary is unfamiliar except 札. I already knew the reading and meaning.

So can someone help clear this up for me? I am confused.

Thank you!


Please check this:


Double check that one because it was wrong.

Thanks jprspereira. I guess I should keep up-to-date with WaniKani updates lol

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I am not sure what you mean Leebo…?

They had the usage examples and suffix meaning on the wrong reading of 札.

札 is not a suffix, and it is read ふだ and it means label
~札 is a suffix, and it is read さつ and it means bill (1000 yen bill, etc).

If you search for it, there were several topics complaining about how they had mixed up the two, but now it’s fixed.


I understand. Thanks Leebo. I’ll be sure to watch for that.

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ARGH! I had wondered why I had a review for 首位, which I was sure I had never seen before but was almost all the way to guru. Had me questioning whether there was a bug that affected other items as well, or whether I had been doing lessons/reviews in my sleep. The label/tag thing also kinda gaslighted me.

When changes like this occur, it would be nice if they put a notice right up front our dashboards, rather than expecting everybody to constantly check the forums or the blog. And maybe put a notice on the item’s page explaining that it recently changed?

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