Muted topics still make alerts appear in the "Latest" view

I’m a forum curmudgeon, so I have tons of obnoxious campfire topics muted. It’s nice that they don’t clutter my view of the forum, but I use the “Latest” tab a lot, and when I get an alert that there’s a new post, I click the the little blue thing… only to often have it not update anything because it was an alert for a topic I have muted. Given the frequency at which these topics get posted in, this defeats part of the purpose of muting them. I can never tell if my alerts in Latest are going to be things I’ve already told the site I never want to see.

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So that’s what it was!
I forgot I had topics muted so I thought there was just something buggy with the “Latest” category until I read this. It does seem like kind of an oversight…

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I didn’t even realize or notice there was such an alert…
I’ve only seen such blue notifications on individual threads, the bubbles with the number of new replies since last looking in them…
I guess I’ll be on the lookout for this feature. Hmm… Thanks, Leebo, for possibly opening my eyes to an easier way to look at the forum…

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Yeah, this is what I’m referring to.

Generally speaking, about half the time I click that thing nothing happens because it’s a muted topic that was updated.

I’ve actually, never seen that.
Maybe I’m on the forums too much in general for that to appear. Thanks for the screenshot!

On a semi-related note, is there a way of muting a topic without clicking into it?

This topic would probably have more effect if posted on, where the Discourse devs will see it.

Oh no, I guess I’ll never be able to ask there now!

Either way, doesn’t WK have its own “build” of discourse or whatever.

@viet is this something that you have any control over or is that the only way.

I don’t personally give a flop if discourse using people on any other platform experience this or not.

I know it’s hosted by Discourse. If I were in Viet’s shoes, I’d want to minimize deviation from the source code (other than things that are specifically isolated for customization) to make upgrades and patches easier.

But, of course, I’ll let Viet speak for himself :slight_smile:

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A bit related:
I changed my Discourse interface language to Japanese, and now both “latest” and “new” is called 最新
What’s up with that?

The board is hosted directly from Discourse on a non-enterprise plan, so we have no control over the code base. If we did have the ability to fork, we would leave the code base alone for the reasons @rfindley mentioned and just ping their support and/or do a pull request.

Regardless, it looks like a legitimate bug. I am going to try to replicate it on my end before post on’s bug forum.

Seem’s the localization on Discourse needs a bit of work? :slight_smile:

I have a made a report on their Discourse’s bug forum. Waiting on their response:


Thanks, Viet! Much appreciated. ^^

I saw their response, to which they referred you to another 2 year old (or older) thread in which no one even said they were looking into it or seemed to care. : /

Those Discourse creators have a really strange concept of how a forum should be, in my opinion.

From what I gathered the issue isn’t an easy fix. Looks like it is a quite a bit of an overhaul to fix the issue.


Well thank you for having more info on that.

Seeing their responses to other bugs as well (I looked around for a few hours after you made your post) I’m even more appreciative of how you and the rest of the WK Dev team (and staff as a whole) treat us in regards to bugs and other issues. Much better customer service as a whole.

Thanks, @viet!

Speaking of Discourse, I posted on about possible support for the html ‘lang’ attribute (so we can tag Japanese text, so browsers will render the Japanese variants of kanji such as 直). It sounded like they might consider whitelisting it.

[EDIT: A test for periodically checking if ^^^this gets implemented]

If the following look different from each other, the ‘lang’ tag has been whitelisted:


Cool! Thanks!

I see your post. Thanks for taking the time making the request.