[Userscript] Automatically update the "Latest" page

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

What does it do?

You know these annoying messages you get on the Latest page?

This script does away with them. New threads and replies show up automatically at the top, as though you clicked the alert before it even popped up.


Well, foremost because it’s silly that this isn’t how it happens natively. I mean, who thought it would be a good idea to make users click things? Pfft. Also there have been several complaints about muted topics giving off these alerts. Since this script hides the alert completely you’ll never know a muted topic was updated (I assume, I don’t have any muted topics).

Available at

@Leebo, @tc167, you both posted about the muted posts giving off alerts issue before, I’m tagging you two in case you are interested.