"Latest" topics in forums includes muted topics/sub-sections on mobile

This is a bug with the forum, so I’m not exactly sure where to put it. Maybe someone can send this to discourse if that makes sense.

On mobile (at least Safari for iPhone), each top-level section (WaniKani, Japanese Language, etc.) shows the three most recent topics. However, this still includes muted topics and sub-sections, which makes it kind of annoying. I think this should be fixed to not show muted topics and sub-sections.

There’s a meta forum for Discourse, people went there to complain about another Latest section bug I had found annoying, but that was never fixed.

Submit a report at meta.discourse.org and someone might fix it. Don’t get your hopes up though, I submitted a report on the Frequent Posters not showing the correct information and even though they only needed to change 9 lines of code it took two weeks before it was fixed. I imagine this would be even less of a priority.

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