Matcha Easy for Reading practice

I know that many people here like NHK Easy News where you can read about the latest health violations by the Ministry of this or that. But since I am looking forward to visiting Japan, I really enjoy reading the articles at Matcha, a Japanese travel magazine. They have an Easy version as well:

And a less-easy version

as well as English


Thanks for posting this. Its always valuable to have others insights/resources.


This is nice, thanks for sharing ^-^ Its cool that they have an easy version too.

Huge thanks for posting this!
I wish I had a like to give your post…

Ohh cool! Thank you. I love reading about travel.

Is this a common thing, for online newspapers and magazines to have easy versions? Anyone know any other magazines out there that have this?

Excellent resource! These kinds of post is why I use the Wanikani forum. <3

Thank you for sharing! I love that they have an easy version to help me with my nascent reading skills!

Cool…so if you switch languages to Japanese are they providing native level content or an easy version (bc I am only looking for native level)

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