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I’ve been studying Japanese for about 100 days now (happy anniversary to me!). So I have very little knowledge of grammar and vocabs yet. Being at level 9 I’m slowing starting to read easy stuff and want to surround myself with as much Japanese stuff in my every day life as possible. So being a Facebook addict, I thought about making my newsfeed as Japanese as possible. Would be great to turn a bad habit into something useful! Any ideas on what pages to like? Newspaper/ learning pages/ random nonsense? ありがとう :slight_smile:


Have you tried searching for your hobbies in Japanese? You can use something like jisho.org to translate the words.

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These Chrome extensions are useful…
Yomichan gets you hover translation for words on the page. Yomichan - Chrome Web Store
IPA Furigana gets you furigana over Kanji.

What I’d like to see would be an extension of IPA Furigana that is Wanikana aware. Calling out words or even sentences which should be within you current ability to comprehend. As well as only showing furigana for kanji and vocabulary you do not know. It would be useful to point me to things which are within my grasp, or just outside of it, so I can reasonably reach for them and get better through the effort.

The idea is to aid one in jumping into the reading pool and making it clear where the water is too shallow or deep for you current ability.

I’ve not yet looked extensively for a good audio extension, but I’ve notice it is very hit or miss with the yomichan hovers.

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try buzfeed japan. they sometimes post articles that have been translated from english, so you can check your comprehension. the japanese articles are also good, they provide some insight into japanese lifestyle.

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Oh this is just what I need! Thank you!

You must be a pretty good catch if you love her just as much!

Ohhh if I could only find a Japanese dubbed Seinfeld…I wouldn’t need any other resources!

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