Reading after NHK Easy

There are many posts asking about reading resources, but I’m looking for something specific. What would you recommend as ‘the next step’ when NHK easy becomes ‘easy’ to read?

NHK Medium


LOL what an incredibly fast response.

If only there was a NHK Medium. lol. I think that manga is a good reading resource. Some manga are easier/harder than others. You can find which manga would be good for your level here: - wakarukana Resources and Information.. First search from the top and then take the short quiz to get a quick idea of the level of its content.


Japanese Graded Readers. Have you read up to Level 3-4?

I would rather recommend a wall of text, rather than a manga.


Thank you, I didn’t know a site like that existed! Will definitely try it out

I can imagine why you’d rec a wall of text before a manga. To be honest I haven’t tried the readers yet because I thought they’d be a lot more difficult. Going to check them out right now! Thank you!

I find reading Buzzfeed in Japanese to be accessible and fun. There’s a lot of mixed stuff from news to weird reports.


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