Recommended reading material for advanced beginners?

Hello! I’m done with Genki I, and just leveled up to lv16 in WaniKani.
What’re some good reading materials out there to help me practice?

Currently I read a lot on my Japanese 3DS while playing Animal Crossing, and while sometimes I can understand what I read, I feel like it’s just a tad too advanced.

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Common ones I recommend that you may or may not heard of:

  • NHK News Easy
    Great reading practice for beginners-intermediate, ~5 new articles added every weekday Monday-Friday, so plenty of reading practice to be had there, and there’s a translation subreddit for reference and collaboration if you’re interested ^^
  • Satori Reader
    Good for upper beginner - intermediate. It’s subscription-based but the first 2 articles of every series is free to view, so you can check those out and see if it’s something you’d like :slightly_smiling_face: you can sync your WK API too and toggle kanji you know + toggle furigana, so there’s cool ways to get the most out of those articles for reading practice! Plus the accompanied explanations are pretty great for understanding vocab and grammar in context, and the accompanying audio can be good for additional listening practice
  • Manga
    Manga is of course a great way to get exposed to Japanese, so finding an easier manga can be fantastic reading practice to help bridge the gap between beginner → intermediate ^^ there’s currently a よつばと! reading club if you’re interested in reading along and having discussions for reference and comprehension help! If that’s too beginner level for you, you can always find other ones too of course

Congrats on the recent level-up, you’re more than a quarter of the way there! 頑張ってね :crabigator::sparkles:


My apologies, I just find the compound noun “advanced beginner” to be very amusing and I wanted to point that out since MissMisc already posted about NHK Easy, which I wanted to recommend :angry:! 遅い!


ごめんね、チャールズちゃん ^^


2 points for NHK easy!



わたし は だいじょうぶ だろう みみせんぱい。じかん が ひつようです。。。

Blurred text is beginner beginners reading practice (take care intermediate and advanced beginners, this will be too easy for you).


Another point for NHK Easy, but adding that I like to read it using TangoRisto for Android which lets me strip furigana based on approximate JLPT level (and then show it if I tap the word).


2 points for TangoRisto! o/


Just in case you didn’t know there’s a user script that removes furigana from NHK Easy too.


Oooh I did not! This will be great for desktop, thank you!

3 points for TangoRisto! I use it for my iPhone, and it’s much more fun to reach the articles with this app (especially since rikai-sama’s death). It fits the texts to the smaller screen, has customised settings, quick lookup and also shows what tense the verb is in.

What I’d like to add is that TangoRisto also includes hukumusume tales, MACHA travel magazine and intermediate/advanced NHK articles.
Audio is available for NHK easy and hukumusume.

You can obviously tell that I like the app. :sweat_smile: Only thing it lacks is individual kanji lookup.

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I know this is topic is a bit old, but NHK Easy has a button to toggle furigana now. (漢字の読み方を消す/つける) :slight_smile:


yup sure does.

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