Web sites to start reading

Hi, are there any japanese web sites to start reading?
I tried NHK easy but furigana ruins the process.
I would like something easy, but without furigana, if I come up with words/kanji I dont’t know (there will be LOTS of them since I am only Level 11), I can copy and paste them on Jisho or other resources.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I think there’s a browser extension to remove furigana from NHK Easy IIRC.


That is nice!

TangoRisto is a companion app to NHK News Easy which I believe lets you toggle the furigana on or off (it also gives you on-click lookup and the ability to study words).

You could also try something like Satori Reader - it is a paid service but a reasonable number of their articles are available to read for free, and they also let you toggle furigana.

If you check ‘free online resources’ in this post you should find a few more ideas too - oh, ‘online readers’ might also be helpful to you.


Thank you so much!



Intended for kids. Has literally thousands of short stories to read, and no furigana. Plus, many come with audio recordings, so you can practice listening.


And pulled by TangoRisto, or so I’ve been led to believe :wink: not sure whether you can access the audio recordings via TR though.

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NHK have actually built it into their site now, can toggle off furigana and color coding.


Manabi Reader is also another option for reading stuff. Has blogs, news sites, etc.

NHK Easy has an option to turn off furigana. Click the big blue button 漢字の読み方を消す. It is right beside the audio button.

Colour coding? Like, nouns and verbs are different colours, or something?

The default for their news articles is to have furigana on, and then proper nouns like names, places, companies are in different colors.

Makes it a little easier when you’re like “What the hell is that kanji combination… ohh that’s a name”

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