Where can I practice reading?


I am wondering how can I practice reading Japanese including kanji for about my level like if I reached level 5 or 10 I want to read some so I can get used to it. Because I already know some kanji before I came to WK and when I read tweets or a dialogue in a videogame and face some kanji that I know I find my self struggling to recognize or remember.


Tangoristo app can help a lot. Try reading the chokochoko collextion as it starts from N5 and goes up.Also ehonnavi and ebook Japan has free books.

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You could join a WK bookclub! There are books at all levels.


Welcome! There’s some good tips here;


This is my favorite.


Wow Thanks everyone for the lovely replies there’s sure a lot of good ways. I think I need to reach at least level 5.

For reading I really like using Duendecat. You can choose your kanji level and it will give you sentences to read.

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Are you studying grammar too? Just making sure, cause knowing grammar is probably much more important to be able to read than kanji

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The “Japanese Graded Readers” are also good. Not free though, but you can get physical books or app versions. They have little flash cards at the end.

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I am slowly studying Genki 1 and I did finish one book before so I do know a little bit but still not enough

then yeah, shouldn’t be a problem

I just mean cause, looking a word up is muuch easier than understanding the grammar of how they connect to each other


Since nobody has mentioned it already, Watanoc is quite good. There are articles for N5-N3 on a few different topics, most articles have grammar and vocabulary explanations as well. Some articles also include audio. It’s not updated anymore but there’s an extensive back catalogue of articles to read through.


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