Japanese only Anki decks n2-n1 level

Hey guys,

So I’ve finally decided to get my Japanese learning back on the road due to me losing a lot of my knowledge from taking a break like a really long break…
Anyways does anyone know of any Japanese only decks I found one but the explanations were really long and hard to understand I mean I did manage to get through a few of them but still.Even if its someones own deck that they’ve maybe by themselves I don’t mind but of course don’t be pressured to share it .Any information from anyone would be great even if you don’t have the exact answers I’m looking for.Ive already finished a lot of n3 decks , n4 decks and the 2000 /5000 most common word deck with the addition of practice n3 sentences taken from Japanese media.I also made my own decks but writing decks out a getting them exactly how I want is really tough so I’ve kind of made my peace with the fact that ill mostly be using pre-made decks.

I wrote this pretty fast so please excuse any missing punctuation/weird grammar…
Thanks for reading anyway!


Have you checked out the Kotoba Discord bot? They’ve got a website you can try too:

It’s not quite Anki, and I don’t know if they’ve got Japanese-only decks (aside from Kanken stuff), but it might be worth digging around to see what they have. Someone might have made custom decks for it since it’s so popular.

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You could try the nihongokyoshi grammar deck. Someone took all of the grammar points from their website and made it into an anki deck split for each level. The front side of the card will show you the grammar point + 3 random example sentences and then the back will explain the meaning and show the rest of the example sentences (I think some cards have up to 15 examples).

You can download the deck here at the bottom of the grammar section Resources - TheMoeWay

Example of how the cards look:


I now doing the N3 on a deck I found with vocabulary for all levels “Core Japanese Vocabulary Extended.” It has N2 and N1 although since I’m not there yet I don’t know how good they are. N3 is good though. Also if you sign up for free on the Iago website, they have pre-made decks as well. You can study from there directly or copy and paste the stuff to Anki.

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