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I am trying to find a resource outside of wanikani while I bide my time from the crabigator to give me some turtles to burn. Today I have covered my kanji, grammar, but now I am struggling to find a reliable structured vocabulary deck to power through. Before I google this to death again, I was maybe hoping for a kind soul to help me cheat!


I would recommend Iknow!.
It costs and its a little confusing at first, but with the app, I don’t think there is a better resource for picking up the most common vocab.

The set consists of the 6000 most common words arranged in what seems like a fairly logical order.
They reckon upon completion you should be able to have enough vocab to read the real NHK news.
This will depend on all other aspects of your Japanese however.

Everything is voiced, and the words are split into 1000 and then again into further groups of 100.
It uses what seems to be quite an effective SRS and tests you on a few different aspects of the vocab, such as sentences, reading, recognition and listening.

Incidentally, all of the other Core2K/6K/10K decks are based on this one.
I prefer Iknow! to the aforementioned decks in Anki.


Thank you for this resource Kylesama!

The Core 10k it’s a very nice option as well (free). I use it as a reference to build my own vocab deck with the vocab that I come into bia WK, shows, reading or even Genki when I was going through it. Basically any word that I found in context I pick that card from Core10k and put it into my own deck, If there is no card, I will create.

So basically it’s a huge timesaver :sunglasses:

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