[Anki] Help for vocabulary deck (aka "Help, too many reviews and chaos)

Hi at all,

I’m in a serious bind and really hope to get some advice on how to use Anki in a better way :cry:
So sorry for that amount of text, but I feel I have to explain the stuff first.
(if you want to skip: I’m unsatisfied with the way my decks are and I have too many reviews)

For the general information: I’ve been using Anki for about one year. I’ve started as a noob and for sure without knowledge how to create proper cards and I have a feeling this is now coming back to haunt me.

Beside vocabulary decks, I also have some for sentences / grammar structures, and I can cover those while going to work without problem.
But for the vocabulary section I have the feeling with these many reviews I’m loosing the focus to cover them properly. (I have about a 95% daily “correct” ration - until NOW. And about 300 reviews a day for the vocabulary part).

Things that are out of question for reducing:
-Changing the calculation percentage for the next review (already on a pretty high internval)
-Stopping with new vocabulary for weeks/months. I only learn 5 per day, and I want to prepare for N3 this winter :sweat:

Aaaaand now let’s spill the beans (please don’t bang your head against a wall, it HAS worked for me until now XD):
I have two decks for vocabulary
-one containing Kanji (direction: Kanji is shown, and I have to get the reading + meaning).
-The other containing the english word asking for the pronounication in japanese (no Kanji writing. I know a few but I do not want to focus on that).

And now the day has come where I would like to fuse those decks into ONE (because believe me, it is tedious to input each word TWICE in Anki). Not necessary for the old ones, but as a approach for the new ones I’m learning.

I have looked into solutions like three-cards, but have only gotten across solutions which covers a third side for furigana or additional information (but not actually switching all of these three sides around).
Thing is: I do not want to use front: Kanji + Furigana and back: translation. My brain will have read the Furigana before even looked on the Kanji…

My main goal for learning Japanese is reading (books/manga/whatever) and listening (movies/animes). So to reduce the reviews I was also wondering whether I just be so bold and learn ONLY one direction (Kanji in front and back pronounciation and english. But never english to japanese). If anyone would please be so kind as to tell me this is stupid and I shall not dare to do this (because my brain knows this, but my time management is screaming “DEAR LORD GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO BREATHE!” :smiley:

Sorry again for this much text ;___; I appreciate every kind of help you can give me or also just sharing what method worked for YOU :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for. Can’t you just make a second card of the first one with reverses?

  • Card1
    • Front: Kanji
    • Back: Reading and meaning
  • Card2
    • Front: Meaning
    • Back: Kanji and reading

You can in fact make as many Cards as you want from the same note.

But really, just steal a template from the Core deck or something like that

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