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I’d like to have podcasts to listen to for practice while I’m taking public transit or eating my cereals. Anything that’s good for beginners that I could get on my iphone? I found the NHK one but the language is much too hard for me. Of course at my level anything will be too hard…

None of these are anywhere close to your level, but they weren’t close to my level when I started either. I think it’s good to hear normal spoken Japanese, even if you don’t understand it. Over time you’ll learn to recognise words, and you’ll understand what they’re saying. It might take a long time until you understand what they’re even talking about, but you’re still hearing all kinds of words and getting proper exposure.

Yes, the below is just copied from one of my previous comments

Bilingual News
A young man and woman discuss whatever they find interesting in recent news. Often comes down to science news and politics. The man speaks mostly English while the woman speaks mostly Japanese. It’s one of my favourite podcasts, I just love the hosts.

Discussions and interviews about anime, completely in Japanese. Hard to understand for a beginner, but you get used to it with time and as you learn.

New to this one myself, but I’m really liking it. It’s basically two people, a man and a woman, speaking about whatever, it seems. Last ep was about yoghurt. It’s entirely in Japanese but the hosts speak quite clearly and not too fast, so It’s an easy listen.


Sonnai project runs like 5 different categories of podcast. They’re on YouTube. Search そんない.

I have a question along the same lines actually. I am trying to listen to the NHK radio news podcast at half speed which seems very doable if I had the text to study. The problem is that I can’t find the transcripts. Does anyone happen to know where to find them? Or does anyone have a suggestion about how to create the text from the audio?

I recently added some more podcasts to the list of additional Japanese resources.

Scroll down to the “Listening” section. Not sure how “beginner” friendly, they are, though. But I’ll leave that link here for future readers. :v:

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