Podcasts for absolute beginner

Hey, I’ve been reading through the posts here wich are great but I still feel a bit intimidated, on the surface which ones would you recommend to an absolute beginner (when it comes to listening, not Japanese in general).

Anime are generally easier to listen to than podcasts.

Really? I am doing that but since I’m on such a low level I need subtiles wich kinda makes you lazy, but I guess you still pick up things since that’s how I started learning spanish (listening)

I always recommend just diving right into normal Japanese podcasts.
There are a few listed here if you want to take a look at what people are recommening

My pick is always this

I wouldn’t use subtitles, they do hinder your listening.
Because isn’t the practice more important than knowing exactly what’s going on?

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Since I’m into games, I like to practice listening by watching let’s plays. If it’s a game I like then it’s usually entertaining regardless of how much or little I understand.

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I think watching videos with subtitles is a good idea… but not English subtitles, Japanese closed caption. It lets you build up your confidence and you can always turn it off when you want a challenge. Finding things with those included might be tricky, but Japanese movies on DVD and whatnot are probably good choices.

I was looking for something similar myself not too long ago, but was unable to really find what I was looking for. What I have found however, are MP3s of childrens stories being read. Assuming you are looking for podcasts because you would like to get listening practice while you are doing something that doesn’t allow you to look at a screen, this might be the best way to go.

White Rabbit’s Japanese Graded Readers all come with audio CDs, which you can rip onto a computer and then port onto your phone to listen to on the go. The books are quite expensive though.

Some similar free children’s stories are here, and some of these have accompanying mp3 files.

If you wanted to pursue this avenue, I’m sure there are other MP3s of Japanese childrens books, and perhaps even some free ones if you look hard enough.

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