Listening Practice with Podcasts

hey guys,

I was just wondering what kind of podcasts you’re using to practice listening.
I like to listen to Billingual News alot and it already paid off. It helps me to learn and understand set phrases.

What are your experiences and do you also listen to Billingual News?


I listen to the そんないプロジェクト podcasts now and then.

Particularly, そんない理科の時間


Besides Japanesepodcast101, I don’t really listen to podcasts. I probably should though…

I’ll check out Bilingual News and そんないプロジェクト!


I listen to 夏休み子ども科学電話相談. It’s an NHK podcast, but I really like it because they have a group of scientists and professionals answer children’s questions about the ocean, bugs, space, and a bunch of other science-related topics. The Japanese is pretty simple because, well, of course, the professionals are making it easy for children to understand, but most of them speak really clearly anyways that it’s great practice for learners too.

I also appreciate that they’re pretty short. About 20 minutes an episode. One of my favorites is a doctor trying to explain to a 6 year old why he has to wear pants.


What is the source of this bilingual news? How are you watching?

Personally I am considering a subscription to FujiTV, and just letting it play on my TV 24/7 lol.

Edit: Banned service I guess.

@Miimers , thanks for sharing. I found the podcasts with google and you’re right, the dialog is nice and clear easy to parse and short episodes as you say.

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Here’s what I usually post when people are looking for Japanese pods.


They did a lot of advertising on here and were successively banned. I assume that’s related. You really think it’s good idea to circumvent the filter? Don’t you think that the admins of this forums filtered out the phrase for a reason?

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Forgive me, but which of these are free podcasts? Preferably available via an app on android, or at least functional on chrome on android. I love but I just don’t have the money to be splurging on 5 different resources to learn Japanese.

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@Motoko @Krispy

I use Pocket Cast for android I think it’s also available for iOS. it’s free and you can search for most podcasts inside the app.
Billingual News is also free


Thank you so much for this, I’ll check it out!

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Sure. I’ll edit it out.

Just seems like such an innocuous thing to censor without any context. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

where do you listen to it? I didn’t find it on my app. and since the site is in Japanese I can’t find the download section to it.
could you kindly post the link to it?

you’re welcome :grin:

So, does this app pull together various podcasts from around the internet or does it only have podcasts from in-house?

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Season 1 starts here.

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I think it searches them on the internet. not sure though.
Here are some they recommend.
They also have some Japanese ones. You just have to search for them.

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Well, it’s only €3 so if I don’t end up liking it, it didn’t rob the bank at least. I’ll post some of my thoughts later after I get time to play with it.

oh yeah I forgot to about the 3$. thought it was free sorry.
yeah sure that would be great to hear what you think about it.

You know where I can find the RSS feed for this?


I don’t mind paying a once off €3 fee for an app if it provides me with an effortless way to access free podcasts. After all, it’s the podcasts I really care about. I’m delighted with this prospect, again, thank you! :smiley:

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