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Hey guys,

I’m on Beginner level in my Japanese studies and I’m looking for podcasts for practicing my listening skills. I already listen to Billingual News but didn’t found other podcasts that are good for beginners yet. The others I found were to advanced.
I hope you can help me out.


I’ve been listening to the podcasts at Learn Japanese Pod.
Some of each show is a simple conversation in Japanese which they then explain.
But the thing that I enjoy is that on each episode they often start chatting with much less formal speech than one usually hears on podcasts or news or textsbooks, so it is a good opportunity to hear that level of speech.


I always recommend Sokoani and Hiikibiiki, which I listen to myself. They’re hard to follow in the beginning, but I think it’s good to get practice with real Japanese.


Rather than reinvent the wheel please look through the resources in this thread. This contains user recommendations of resources of every kind with regard to Japanese study.


Sign up to JapanesePod101, download all ~40 GB of podcasts and listen to them all with the pdf notes. :slight_smile:

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I checked the listening resources on the list but the only thing that works for me in terms of casual speech so far is Billingual News. The other podcasts are to advanced for me. I also use pimsleur but I think it’s more formal.

Yeah I know what you mean. I tried it for some time but I think I still don’t know enough grammar and vocab to listen to them.

Thanks I’ll try that :slight_smile:

You never mentioned casual speech in the OP. I really find it hard to believe out of all those resources you could only find one thing. For listening practice, just casually looking through the list for resources with that started from a basic level or included a transcripts and/or translations. There were plenty. You really have to get creative with your learning in order to find stuff that’s going to work for you.

Here’s a couple of things I found in the list. I’m sure that there’s plenty more that could be of use to you. Sometimes that might mean a couple videos here and there, but just because the majority of the content on a site is inaccessible, doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of what you can.

Nihongonomori Japan66 Learn japanese grammar with native speakers. Starts at very beginner level.

I wish you the best in your studies!


Ok thank you. I will check them out :slight_smile:

You should try this website! It has a bunch of news stories read pretty slowly, perfect for beginners!

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